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Back to my only safe space.

I've been thinking about why I started this blog years ago. I kind of forget the reason. Long as I can remember, I started this blog to channel my creativity that manifests into writings. Every time I go back to this blog and start writing, I would always act like a columnist in a newspaper, writing to tell people what's going on with everything, which most of them are my cluttered mind. Think of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City. That type of job was initially my dream job, but destiny seemed to be carrying me away from it. Well, that's okay. Image by NIK/ Unsplash Along the way, some people offered me jobs to write here and in their channels. I loved it. I really loved it. I wrote about a lot of things; culinary, fashion, lifestyle, and whatnot. One day a friend saw my writing on a new channel about a street stall that sells roti bakar & Indomie for 24 hours. There I wrote about my perception about the stall. I was inspired by the way it operates consistently for mo

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