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In lost and nothingness, we seek guidance.

Saturday, 18 November 2023 Image source: Liane Metzler/Unsplash For long as I can remember, I have been living with a big void in my life. I have been always feeling that there is something lacking that makes my life so empty. That particular something, however, I can never describe, which is why I am writing this. In my teenage years, my life revolved around a mission to fulfillment of my basic emotional needs my parents failed to give me. I label that emotional needs as validation. The validation that I have something to do in this life. The validation that I am wanted and allowed to live a life that is meaningful.   I used to think that I have achieved it. I earned many academic accolades, I started to make my own money, I felt productive. I felt that I have something to do in this life, something meaningful. I called that ambition as purpose. I used to think that I have achieved it, but I felt empty. Approaching my 20’s era, my life changed. What meaningful to me was no longer mate

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