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Nothing happens, or does it?

Foto: Unsplash/Fikri Rasyid Nothing much you can see in your sight, when it is only whatever happens within 20 meters.  I was at a coffee shop, observing whatever happened within 20 meters of the road in front of me. Nothing happened, actually. You know, people passed by, motorbikes and cars also passed by at multiple speeds.  “Nothing happened” became the problem that I think we are having now. We are being autopilot for way too long that we forget how to see what actually happened around. So I decided to look closely at what really happened. It was 5.15 in the afternoon, 30 minutes after my arrival at the coffee shop. I sat on the second floor, with my sight having more limitations to what it could observe. With such limitations, I had a book accompanying me. The first thing that I observed was I put more focus on the book when I have limitations in the space surrounding me and external stimulation. And after 30 minutes reading a chapter of the book, my eyes needed to rest. Then at 5

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