DAY 6: Chill, you are not that important.

Friday, 20 October 2023

As a passionate youth, I felt a strange feeling that we are so important that people should take us very seriously. I believe that there was a chance that I passionately created a fake depth so people thought of me as a deep kind of person. For me back then, depth signified a person's quality.

But what about the reality? Unfortunately, this was something I forgot to check. My youth blood and passion made it so vague that I forgot that the road was longer than I thought. More than that, I forgot to set an anchor of idea that I had to feel important for myself, not to be seen as important before someone else's eyes.

If only I could twist that perspective, I must've done way much more effort to strengthen my self-security and not looking for it from someone else, let alone the society. 

Had I had a chance to talk to that version of me, even only for less than a minute, I would really love to slap him and say it loud, "wake up, baby. You are not that important for anyone else. Make yourself important for you."


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