Day 8: Be calm, not sad, not mad.

Sunday, 22 October 2023

I and my daily expression, which calm most of the times, are often mistaken as being sad all the time. In fact, my calm feeling and expression usually come from my inner world that doesn't feel anything. Another thing is, with me being a libra, I am quite famous to have a silent treatment. That treatment often is perceived as me being mad. Here I tell you, no, calmness that I show you is not always about being mad or sad.

I've been enough with exaggerated expression of joy, happiness, sorrow, or even using it as my tool of assertion. The expression, after exaggerated to some degrees, can blur the actual feeling. Again, it can be deceiving, and I don't want to fall into the trap of mania or depression because I think I have to express certain emotions.

Learning this from Sadhguru, whose book "Inner Engineering" helped me to get through the overreacting to things, I now am enjoying unfiltered emotions within me, be it joy, happiness, surprise, or sorrow. When your inner world can really feel the unfiltered emotions, you tend to appreciate more of it and live with it in the present. 

Ever since I practice this moderate calmness, which I often got caught loosing it though, I can walk further into my inner world and see how the dimension send me a clue for what's next without even planning anything. 

Go try it. You'll feel that all emotions can go as intense as you want it to be, for the control is on you.


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