Day 9: A meaningful connection and interaction are often the simplest ones.

Monday, 23 October 2023

Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash

I know that I, who happened to be having libra as my sign, am mostly energized by external stimulation, and social interaction is one of them. However, the fact that I am also an introvert person is often trying to avoid social interaction with big group of people at all cost. As a self-proclaimed complex human being, I am eager to find solution for this problem.

Last quarter of 2022 brought me a realization that there is certain threshold of social interaction that I can tolerate. I found myself most energized when the group is in small to medium size (5-7 persons) and we have a good conversation and interaction. That doesn't mean that the conversation and interaction should always be positive and productive, but that group, in that particular time, should involve everyone in the conversation and interaction. From light topics like meme and K-pop to deeper connection like life purpose, nobody should be left behind that time. I describe that as my version of quality time with friends/colleagues/acquaintance.

After experimenting for few months, turned out it's not only the quality of interaction, but also the frequency. Meeting the same people over and over to the extent of being daily routine can potentially decrease the quality of interaction. Without aiming to build mysterious impression, I pulled myself back from high frequency of meeting with the same groups. That way, I eventually regained by belief in quality friendship. I didn't feel wasteful of my time, nor did I feel lonely in any ways.

Today, I decided to reconnect with and old friend with whom I had no intense contact with for months, if not a year. My intention when I contacted her to reconnect was clear: to talk about random things endlessly until we're finally fed up and satisfied. Of which, it's going to be the time limitation that will have the authority to end the catch up session, and I wanted to make the most of it. 

The first time we met, we just talked about life updates over a small glass of cocktail. Nothing was prepared, we continued the talk with random things like tarot readings, therapy, journaling, problem solving, multicultural working environment, education problems in this country, IQ score, spirituality, mushrooms around the world, and whatnot. No single second wasted, as per the intention. After that catch up session, I went back home fulfilled, satisfied, and enlightened. Of course, I wish she felt the same way. 

Today, I regained my belief in meaningful connection, that it doesn't require much to establish one, only simple things in fact. You only need good intention to share, openness to accept new things and perspective, and no transactional value involved. 

Anyway, I do really want to start a journaling community in my platform, this blog and my social media channels. I found out that journaling really helped me to observe how I feel, think, and do about things in my life and to slowly figure out what my true essence of purpose in life. Maybe this can help you, wandering souls, to observe and to figure things out. 

In a bigger context, this journaling method helped me to get through my therapy programs. It eases my psychiatrist to see how I progress based on how I process my thoughts, acts, and behaviors during the therapy period.

Now, let's start with a journaling prompt so you can observe your own feeling about this things, starting from the everyday life encounter. Do it yourself, make it as easy as possible You can write on books, on your notes, on your social media, or even on a blog!

So here's a prompt for your today's journal.

"What are the things that motivate you to connect and reconnect with people in your life? And how do you value those connections and interactions with them?"

I hope this can help you to start a great change in your life. Good luck!


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