Day 11: Exploring the possibilities of change.

Wednesday, 25 October 2023

Image: Unsplash

If we can make an analogy about life, I'd love to mirror this very life with a ecosystem in a river. The river is not there on its own. To make a river in our imagination, there is certain amount of water as the main object. Coexisting with water, there are soil, rocks, and the living creatures inside the water. Objectively, this ecosystem runs in autopilot; water flows, the living creatures follow the flow, rocks standstill, and soil become the pragmatic being.

Now imagine your live within that ecosystem. You can choose what you want to become, and which movement you want to partake. You're given a privilege of the ability to change into anything if you're not satisfied with your current choice, anytime you desire.

What do you choose? Where is your position?

You can be water that flows.

You can be living creatures that follow the flow.

You can be rocks that standstill.

You can be soil that is pragmatic: sometimes it stays, sometimes it flows.

Are you happy with what and where you are now?

Do you want to switch your choice?

If so, what do you want to be in that ecosystem this time?

Let me start this conversation with my personal choice. I used to be a rock that standstill. I had my set of principles that are absolute, so uptight with the values I believed that time. I was strong against the flow. As much as I appreciate stillness, to move without any influence is necessary.

Unfortunately, when I standstill as a rock, I couldn't see what the current can see ahead.

I didn't move anywhere. Even the current slowly scrape me that I eventually lost my shape and so consumed by the water. I wasn't as strong as I thought.

The fact that this life offers me the possibility of change, I am now kind of exploring consciously to change into something else. Change my position, the way I move, the way I contribute to the whole ecosystem. I'm still searching, though. Previously having a role as a rock, nothing's really set in stone. I even think that I can take more time to figure it out. 

Remember that it's an ecosystem that gives us choices with complete liberty to change?

Now it's a revelation to me that change is not mandatory, but the level of its necessity is relatively high. And always, always remind yourself, to not change things you are already happy with, especially with the intention of fixing a thing or two. Fixing things that are not broken often leaves us in astray,

On exploring the possibilities of change, here are some journaling prompts for you today, "What is your role in your ecosystem? Are you happy with it? Or not at all? Do you want to change? What and how do you change things?"


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