Biblical Journal is a new baby born, a reincarnation of its previous version, Justy Darm. The blog was started at 2009 as a medium of Justy’s thoughts. After brainstormed and a little helps from bloggers in his circle, Biblical Journal is finally started as a fashion blog. This year (2015), Justy is trying to get his style more emphasized and accentuated, especially on its sense of vintageness.

The name of the blog was changed for philosophical reason. Justy personally believes that everyone has their own journal of journey, an authentic stories. Those journeys, however, have definitely been written in The Universe’s book. The book is so biblical that everyone should enjoy and perform the best of them in every step, for every inch of them is chained to others’ destiny, and the good karma is going to happen at the end of the day. 


Justian Edwin Darmawan is the author of BIBLICAL JOURNAL, a fashion-slash-style-slash-personal blog. 

Justian, who is known as Justy, is an International Relations graduate. He is into Fashion, International Relations, and human rights. For Justy, there is something that connects those three fields: writing. Through writing, he expresses his thoughts. And by writing, he believes he can go to work in many fields. Crafting words has been his long time most favorite activity, until he calls himself an architext.

He loves to read books that talks about communication and personal branding. He believes that a person can actually choose how they want to be perceived by others. In his personal opinion, someone's good and bad traits can either be accentuated or concealed by building a good personal branding.

Justy is a big fan of vintage fashion. He loves seeing people dress like it’s 90's, 50's, or even 20's. The reason behind is because the nostalgic-melancholy that people can feel when they dress in vintage style. From fashion perspective, Justy thinks that fashion and style are something cyclical, thus people can never go wrong with fashion and style that have some vintage sense. In the future, Justy dreams to become a fashion writer and/or fashion PR and personal branding expert.

Justy is excited to have new friends. An offer for a talk over cups of coffee will be appreciated. Contact him through message to hello.justian@gmail.com. 

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  1. Do you have a Facebook Page so I can also follow your posts there?
    Your blog is very informative and it's got substance. I'll definitely be sticking around.

    Pay me a visit sometime!
    He'res my blog link www.cherylazarraga.wordpress.com and you may wish to like my newly set up page on Facebook as well https://www.facebook.com/IwasAnoushka

    1. Haven't made the page yet but soon :) keep updated, gurl X


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