Day 7: Restraining yourself is not the same as putting out a white flag.

Saturday, 21 October 2023

In the world full of opinions, our brain is so crowded with what people said and did. The longer you played in that whirlpool, you will have that urge to join with your own opinion. You would really want to see how people react to your opinions. You would use those reactions as your social currency to make bigger wave within that very whirlpool.

No, and don't.

Sometimes the whirlpool you jumped into is actually a test for you to learn how to appreciate your silence. Some call it as composure, some call it as restrain. Little did you know, when you play too long with the wave, you just took a bait of it.  You throw something just because you can.

Not every thought and opinions should be voiced out. 

And to enjoy the surf better, it only takes one intention to restrain yourself.

Your silence is not all about you giving up against the wave.

Silence may actually be the ultimate victory you can enjoy yourself with nobody argues for it.


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