My First Business Trip: Lamongan

I am so lucky that in my life, I got so many chances to visit and explore Indonesia. There was the time when I had a chance to visit 4 cities in a week; Surabaya, Lamongan, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. It was not a leisure time trip, but it was a TWERK! (traveling-werk). LOL this is a bit embarassing but I started to think about copywriter back then.

I went to the cities as a temporary staff of Pamflet, a youth organization which was created to support Indonesian youth organizations and communities. They often collaborate with local organization to have some creative workshops and training about human rights.

Fortunately, I came to the cities with some of the craziest people I met! They are @esotericafra (former General Coordinator of Pamflet), @clanirella (former project manager of Hivos), @fianakayam (Pamflet fellow), @muhammadamrie (Pamflet fellow), and @pagalapana (former Genereal Coordinator of Pamflet). It was so fun traveling with them. Of course we were traveling with a cause and purpose.

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I observed that there were no direct flight to Lamongan, so we took a flight to Surabaya and went to Lamongan by car. I had no idea about the Lamongan city. What I visualized was the all time dry Pantura road packed with truck.

Then I found out that I was totally wrong. Lamongan was not about Pantura road and dangdut koplo, but it has many beautiful places to explore! The city of Lamongan is one of those places with strong base of pesantren (Islamic boarding school). In 2013, I did not see any significant development in Lamongan. You won't see any high building or malls. But still, there are things to explore there.

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There were no chain hotels you can find in Lamongan. During our business trip in Lamongan, we stayed at Tanjung Kodok Resort. This resort is owned by Indonesian. Right behind the resort building, it has a private beach. Do not imagine Bali-like private beach, because Tanjung Kodok Resort target market is family and corporate visitors. It is obviously seen from the way they placed some kids areas around the beach. Still worth it, though.

The beautiful view from our room.

It's not that different with other beach, but I appreciate the way they keep this place clean. Comfortable!

The beautiful Tanjung Kodok Resort also has a theme park. It is packed with many things from roller coasters to rumah hantu (ghost-haunted house). We tried the roller coaster and rumah hantu after work, and it was so fun!

The roller coaster. You might be thrown out to the sea!

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Because seeing sunset in Bali is too mainstream, hahaha.

It might be not documented here, but you can also find some culinary spots in Lamongan. As we know that Indonesia has some special food in its each provinces. We tried some local foods in a place called Pujasera (food hall or food court). The foods were very cheap and delicious! We also stopped by at some traditional street food vendors.

A zoo in Lamongan. Best zoo ever! Aztec-themed zoo, how could you say no?

Before checking out, in front of the room

We really enjoyed our stay in Lamongan. Working has never been felt like this! Hope we can see you again, Lamongan.


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