Where to Stay at Jogja: Joglo Aruna

I and Jogjakarta have indescribable relations. We are too close to hate each other, yet we are too far to love each other. But I have to admit that I love it too much. It feels like home to me. I can wander alone and have a good solitary time. Jogja lets me become myself, and it lets me to stop from all busy days, even I'm busy. 

Lately I got chances to go to Jogja for work and travel. As April has some long weekends, I found it was really difficult to book hotels or homestays. Everything is full! Thank God I found this affordable and amazing hotel around Bugisan, southern part of Jogjakarta. I found it from booking.com, which offers me IDR 120K/night that time (peak season!). This is a good deal, huh? Here are my full review!

As soon as I arrived, it took me few minutes to find the place. It is located in a small street/alley, so you have to be carefully look for it. However, the location on the Google Maps is right, so don't worry. You will find a small, but comfortable, yard in the middle of properties. It has chairs to sit, hammocks, and greens which will make you feel refreshed.

This is their welcome gate.
Artsy pieces will welcome you.

Oh, never mind. This is me laying on hammock.
After check in process, you will be guided to your booked room. I felt kinda underestimate it, for it was one of the properties left that time. So I booked for a room like this on the site:

Room that I saw and finally booked on booking.com. | Courtesy of bedandbreakfast.eu.
And it is the same, literally the same, room that I saw. I didn't take picture, for it was a little bit dark and cloudy, so it was bad lighting. But here is another side of the room with additional curtain:

I love their vintage furnitures! And that's the door to toilet.

My night at Joglo Aruna is so calm and folk. It was surrounded by quite dense neighborhood but they planted greens so it was not noisy. And I think people in Jogja sleep so early, there were no activities after 9 PM. If you want to go around Jogja at night, you can easily find GoJek or Uber here. 

The morning I woke up, they guided me to the kitchen, in which they set furniture nicely. It was public kitchen where you can make your breakfast. Normally they serve you toast with tea/coffee. But you can bring your own breakfast stuff so you can make it yourself there.

I personally recommend you this cool place to rent during your stay in Jogja. It's affordable and surprisingly convenient! For a person like me who loves to seek solitary moment and peace, this is the place to go. It's a bit far away from city center (15-20 minutes approx.) and it serves you with good hospitality.  My suggestion is to book this place 2 weeks in advance, for Bugisan area is one of fave place of foreign tourists, therefore it might fully booked in seconds. 


Joglo Aruna

Address: Jomegatan, Kel. Bugisan, Kasihan, Tirtonirmolo, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55182, Indonesia. 



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