Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish: Reason(s) Why I Take English Course This Year


Since I was a kid, I am really interested to work as a journalist, news anchor, or public relations. As time goes by, everything is connected to one field, and it is communication. I don't have any idea where I got this dream and vision. What I remember is that I used to read my aunt's college books and lifestyle magazine (yes, I read Cosmo Girl magazine when I was an elementary student). I tried to sum up why I love communication. Maybe I was inspired by how people communicate, how daily news are presented, and how brand convince people to buy their products with commercial ad. Remember the good ol' days when commercial ads were very impressive?

The year of 1998 and 2000 were the years I learned many things. Yes I was only 5 to 6 years, but to watch 'Dunia Dalam Berita' news program on TVRI which exposed Indonesian politics circumstance and global development letting me know what was happening. I always watched the program, as it was airing before my favorite program, Saras 008. I told my mom that I wanted to become those people who appeared on TV,  whatever it was, and she didn't response.

Dunia Dalam Berita setting. | Image:

The year of 2000 was another thing. A millennium era, they said. The era of hope, the era of globalized development. My mom started to realize that English is one of the most important keys for a kid to conquer the future. English courses, big or small, became a promising business. My mom didn't have the resource to afford.
But everything's started when I was at junior high level. As I grew up as a teenager, I kind of forgot about the dream I desired. But my friends were joining English courses and it happened to become something cool. I begged my mom. Still, my family could not afford, as we considered that as less than secondary expense. 

There she was, a teacher named Mrs. Sufni, who taught me the nightmarish grammar materials. The learning package was so intense. One year learning English with her, I got excellent grade on my exams. Because of her intense learning package, those flying colors decorated my exam report until I graduated from senior high. This helped me to get accepted to the university and all of its process, since I pursue an International Relations degree. She is one of those teachers I will never forget.

The quote that inspired me to learn more. | Image:

Now here I am, living my dream as a communication practitioner, though I am not an expert yet. Still practicing my English skill, though. Well, deep in my heart I still want to try how it feels to have sessions in English course. That is the only reason why I book my spot at English First (EF) adults Jakarta. I believe I will get interesting insights there.

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I found unique selling points in this institution. It is not only because EF has been running the education business for so long, but EF is also known for its effective syllabus and its teachers credibility. That's all? Of course no. During my first week learning at EF, I found at least three reasons why I chose EF.

Easiness & Flexibility

Now you can do the tasks from wherever you are. I love doing the tasks at a cafe, while munching my favorite corn soup. | Image:

This English course won't help unless you keep practicing. The education system at EF will make you do the homework and class preparation everywhere you are. Yep, now they expand the learning methods to digital platform. EF has Smart English app which will be the tool to prepare before you enter the classroom. You will get an log in ID as soon as you register at EF. Every accomplishment of one module, you will earn tickets to the offline classroom. Your daily learning is just one click away!

At EF Adults, you are allowed to pick the class within your area of convenience. My office is located around Slipi, so based on the proximity, I can go to EF Adults at The Plaza, Taman Anggrek, or F(x) Sudirman. I always pick the 7 PM class, which I take after office hours.

Comfort Zone

Free flow coffee for you creative hustlers! | Image:

As a young people who appreciates the existence of creative space, I see myself feeling at home when I'm at EF Adults. It has waiting lounge that is so comfortable. Just like any other creative coworking space, it will serve you free flow of black coffee. EF Adults at The Plaza is the most fascinating, they even have VW car in the middle of their waiting lounge. And yes, you definitely can work there.

Dynamic Classroom Situation 

Me taking pictures of my classmate and the tutor of EF Adults. | Image:

Do not ever imagine a boring classroom setting. I met different teachers and students from different background, and we discuss a lot of things. The teachers usually gives us a trigger question as their opening act. The dynamic classroom makes me forget about the time and I can understand the materials better. The classes are available in some types, some of them are Face to Face (5-6 students) and Life Club (more than 8 students). 

For my first week, it is indeed a good start. I feel like it is going to be super fun learning journey. I will keep you updated about this EF Adults in English for my English writing practice. See you in the next post!


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