Travel | Little Piece of Hong Kong in Indonesia: Pontianak

I should say that Pontianak is a very interesting city. It doesn't have plenty of skyscrapers standing snobbishly, yet it pretty much looks like Hong Kong to me. I don't know, maybe because of so many chinese faces I found there. No, not only the people, but also the small street/avenue. It's looking like what you see on the Hong Kong action scene believe me! And oh, the clear blue sky. It is literally clear.

Getting a chance to visit Pontianak for few days, I and my workmates explored a little of Pontianak. Little? Yes, because I religiously believe that the city of equator has a lot more to explore. Spending time around the city, we were mesmerized by how the people live. They live on the water, like really. The people of Pontianak are creating lives on the boat (please remember the floating market). They also have a school which has some parts of the school buildings built on the water. Amazing, Yes, all of those is because Pontianak has one of the biggest rivers in Indonesia, Sungai Kapuas (Kapuas River). 

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We did stay in Orchardz hotel, a hotel chain that has some branches nationwide. What we considered before picking the hotel was the accessibility, and the location -it should be located in the axis of all of the working destinations. For the team, efficiency is the most important thing, even though no personal indulgence is sacrificed LOL. In front of the hotel, there were a line of cheap but not cheesy coffee shops and street food stalls. What's best was the pisang goreng pasir (fried banana) with srikaya jam and cheese as its topping. I ordered it multiple times in a moment. 

Other things that we explored during our stay in Pontianak is the food. At the very first night we arrived, all of the team except me went to a durian stall. According to their story, the durian was so tasty that I was gonna be feeling regretful for not giving it a try. Well, yea, it's durian afterall. Amrie, my roommate, brought me a super delicious dumpling. Shees I cannot describe how good it was. Yes, that good (?)

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My highlight of the trip is crab noodle and srikaya jam. Both are my faves. The crab noodle was quite phenomenal. People come by to get a bowl of a noodle with crab stick (the real ones), and bacon-like topping. Crab plus noodle plus pork. What the hell, a perfection. Es kelapa (coconut water) is closing that one-of-the-best-of-my-life kinda moment. Spent only IDR 30k there.

If you guys are wondering what to bring to Jakarta after visiting Pontianak, no worries, You'll have srikaya jam packed in your luggage. The srikaya jam is unlike what you find in Jakarta. This jam's producer doesn't put any preservative ingredient on your jam, hence it's only staying approximately 2-3 weeks in refrigerator. Srikaya jam is sold in various size of pot, so you can pick the smallest pot if you only buy for you and your mom, like what I did. Prices are not expensive at all, costs around IDR 20-50k/pot.


  1. Looks like Pontianak has plenty attractive food to try. It will be on my list when I get there. Hopefully, next year.

    1. Wow, hope you enjoy Pontianak next year, Wijna! :)

  2. Kepitingnya keliatan enak bgt hahaha..


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