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Image courtesy: Teen Vogue

This week, we were flabbergasted by the news thrown by Vogue Arabia. The newly born magazine is, out of thin air, switched its editor in chief. Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulazi, who was appointed to direct the long time desired glossy publication, replaced by Manuel Arnaut, former Vogue Portugal Editor.

Image source: myciin.com

Major swift in Vogue Arabia did not come up overnight, as this has been contemplated by Ms. Abdulazi herself. The reason of this change is a conflict of interest between Ms. Abdulazi with Conde Nast direction. Her mission to reframe the way the world sees women in the Middle East was thwarted, as well as the mission to change public perspective on modest dressing.
“Many people don’t really know exactly what Arabia is, and there are major misunderstandings around modest dressing, too,” she said. “I have a responsibility to tackle those issues, through a fashion lens, of course.” (Quoted from The New York Times)
There is no statement about the conflict between Ms. Abdulazi and Conde Nast.

But then, how is fashion in the Middle East? It is growing. Ms. Abdulazi herself is one of Arabian fashion icons whom people really look up to. Based on a paperwork done by researcher team in University of Wollongong, there is a relation between social recognition and intention to buying luxury things in the Middle East. 

Numerous fashion events are held, signaling fashion is no more tertiary need for people in the Middle East. Then there is Fashion Forward Dubai among many fashion events in the Middle East. Fashion Forward Dubai claims to provide development, exposure, and a progressive direction for the regional fashion industry. I cheked their shows on Youtube, and am interested to Tair, self-taught designer who finds an ultimate inspiration in far eastern aesthetics.

During Fashion Forward Dubai, Aliya Tair, a Central Asian born designer, showcased philosophical presentation at Fashion Forward Dubai F/W 2017/2018. The show was opened with breathtaking performing art and dark, mysterious music. She was inspired by Shamanism, prevailing religion of people in Central Asian.

Courtesy of Tair on facebook.

Models were coming out one by one from the backstage, wearing loose and slouchy cuts, primarily monochromatic apparels. Urban minimalist emotion looks permeated to every pieces shown. Some pieces like oversized outer and midi kimonos are made to be versatile items which can me matched with other items without looking too over the top. Aliya also played a bit with detail and accent. Her 'transformer' crinkle pants and fringe sweatshirt still look minimal and effortless. 

Watch the full show:


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