Neighborhood Coffee: Harad Coffee

Coffee is always a good idea.

Now let's talk about #DepokBound

Depok is filled with bunch of campuses and of course, students. To name a few, there are Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Gunadarma, and Bina Sarana Informatika operating within this small yet jungle-ish town. Big market is really emerging in Depok I can say. Some eyes have portrayed and grabbed the share, some are still considering the decision.

But really, new stalls are opening everyday. You can ask what you want in Depok, be it juicy sushi, super spicy Indonesian cuisine, or better yet, good coffee. Yes, coffee. It is a pleasure to find a decent coffee shop around Depok. I have some names to recommend if you need.

And this one is the one that serves coffee and knowledge. Harad Coffee. FYI, 'Harad' was taken from Banjar word, means 'nekat' in Bahasa Indonesia, 'reckless' in English --my attempt to free translate it.

I kind of feel content with the coffee and its crowd. The owner himself told me his experience while it was his time started everything from the scratch. Good partner to ask if you need some information about your favorite coffee. Search for Fikri once you have a time to stop by.

Now move to the coffee. It is a fact that I love manual brew. This kind of thing lead me to the passion of coffee journey. Just because.

Harad's specialty is serving coffee and discussion. While their coffee making skill is considered award-winning, you are going to get additional service: coffee discussion. I asked a lot about their coffee supplier, where they got their coffee roasted, and you know, all things coffee and whatnot. A complete package. Psst.. choices of coffee are ranging from Java to Toraja. That's a lot.

The place itself brings third wave coffee shop chill. You will be welcomed by monochromatic-woody-mixed artsy installation. Not that I say it is so typical, yet it might be what works here though.

Harad is not a place for you who coffee shop freelance workers. They have relatively small space. Other's small talk will distract you easily. Crowd-wise, I would suggest you to come here on the weekend around 3 to 5 PM. Even better if you have time earlier --I know, we're not early risers, but worth your effort.

Come closer to @haradcoffee to know more about Harad Coffee.

Any plan for this weekend?

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  1. Wow... saya penasaran dg yg Sumedang honey. Lebih cenderung Arabika atau Robusta?

    1. Sepertinya Arabica. Saya selalu suka kopi dari Jawa Barat. Lebih fruity dan tidah harsh rasanya. CMIIW.

  2. You have a style with words, Mister. Enjoyed my visit here a lot. Please keep invading us with your local-guides, I found it refreshingly versatile for our daily life!

    Clara x


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