Men's Essentials for Capsule Wardrobe


For the past few months, I am mesmerized by minimalist lifestyle. I was once shown a video of Japanese maintaining a minimalist principle. They do own less stuff, for they think possessing more stuffs is hazardous when earthquake happens. I thought that this makes sense, for Japan is well-known for its prone to earthquakes. . More than inspired, I looked for more information about this lifestyle. Later I found that it has impact in fashion as well.

The trend of minimalist wardrobe, or some call it as capsule wardrobe, has been emerged few years ago –if I’m not mistaken, it was circa 2010. People did spring-clean their wardrobe, as they are fed up with unused stuffs hanging. I understand that it becomes stressful to pick up clothes everyday if pile of garments hanging on hanger, laying on the floor. Based on this reason too, articles about IT moguls wearing uniform pieces daily started popping out ever since. 

I decided to give this method a shot. I spring-cleaned my wardrobe --not in the spring, tho. The result was amazing, I get a super big luggage of unused clothes! They are either half-liked or not my size anymore. This left my wardrobe a little more tidy and neat, as well as a happy mind.

The next step was to maximize the function of the pieces I have. As some have been ditched, I need to refresh some items. However, I don’t want to redo my old mistake: buying stuffs that have too much motives or prints. I opt for more basics for my wardrobe, some stuffs that are versatile enough to wear for many occasions, be it work, hangout, and formal events.

After considering some pieces, my wardrobe now consists of pretty simple, basic stuffs. They are items you can start to build your capsule wardrobe with. Should I have to suggest you what to keep on your wardrobe, I’d say they are:


White shirt (Button up or down, your call), Black shirt, Polo Shirt, Black & Grey tee, Blazer


Trousers, Camel chino (well, you can find some other earthy-toned pieces), Jeans (I love indigo/blue, washed ones)


Oxford/Derby (Ehem, for this piece, you can find plenty of choices on Zalora. Click click click Sepatu Pantofel di Zalora for more information!), Loafers, Sneakers.


Backpack, Weekender, Belt (Invest in black or dark brown, leather material), Tie (Skinny to add some chic vibe!).

I'm so very interested to know your thought about capsule wardrobe. Stay connected and let's have some convo on my instagram or twitter @justianedwin. See you! X


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