Back to Basic: Most Favorite Picks from #MFW SS2017

My obsession from the latest Fashion Week - Men's Collection

Clue: earthy 


This year, I do not put much attention to fashion. My mind has been branched to many things; work, financial, and everything's related to it. I blame myself for taking immature decision in life. Ignore it. Those might as well be the reason why I did not write much here.

Despite tragic scenes of my life, this season's menswear collection grabbed my attention back to fashion. Season to season,some brands always drag me to its classic (because luxury is not my common term) and super practical collections, yet full of surprises.

No more fuss. Let's jump right in to my fave shows for spring and summer!

1. Neil Barrett

My MOST favorite show this year. I cannot describe how Neil Barett's collection combines all of my favorite colors and cutting in the world. They are full of earthy colors implemented to various fabric, from leather to velvet.

The show, from its styling to the mood, creates a visualization of you wearing the items presented. You just really relate to them. This is a no-fussy show, a show with no gimmick. It appears very real.

Watch Neil Barett Menswear SS17 show here:

2. Jil Sander

Jil Sander translates vintage mood, which is most of the times identified with rustic brown, to a monochromatic palette --with some ombre. Yes, there is a hint of tangerine within the line, yet it doesn't break any of clean mood from the whole collection. For you, modern gentlemen, get inspired.


Watch Jil Sander Menswear SS17 show here:

3. Marni

For me, Marni never lost its signature. You feel the same feeling every time you see their show. They catapult playful in simplicity. This time they play up some details and construction. See some straps somewhere? You might get a surprise when you see it yourself. Marni also has a little similar pairs of bold glasses with Jil Sander, which I do really like.

Watch Marni Menswear SS17 show here:


  1. Hey, do you live abroad? O_O I always want to live on my own, but I don't think I can make it. Masak air aja gozong... :-/
    *tepok jidat*

    "I blame myself for taking immature decision in life."
    Me too :( I often make wrong decisions and always end up regretting them.
    I have a question, why do male models often look angry on the catwalk? lol. That's so random :D I like Jil Sander. I'm not a boy though. I just like the photo on your blog. I like white, black and grey. :D Hehe. Hello from me and Cheers for your awesome blog!!! ^^ Mine is dead boring :| hahah..

    1. Hahaha I don't live abroad, but might be someday. Aminin yah! :P

      As far as I know, male models walk that way because they suppose to sell the clothes, not themselves. But that depends on the mood of the show though. CMIIW.

      I already saw yours! Please post more often! *self slap* Hahaha

      Nice to know you :)


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