#FashionPedia: Bomber Jacket

It is confirmed that bomber jacket is on trend for spring. Curious about how this item emerged? Keep scrolling!

The Flight Jacket Game Began

During World War I, pilots' working desk a.k.a cockpits were wide opened, thus they can hardly find warmth while flying on 25,000 feet away from soil. According to some sources, the temperature is reaching up to -50 celcius up there. Oh, can you imagine? For a tropical guy like me, that would be dying experience.

To counter the cold, US Army made bomber jacket (previously called flight jacket) as a staple back in 1917. Design-wise, it was appropriately fashionable with fur collar --until they replaced it with knit. The fabric used was vary from leather to waterproof nylon.


It was Leslie Irvin who made the design of bomber jacket possible. Circa 1926, he started to make U.S. aviators utilizing the jacket. When his signature flight jacket production was discontinued, it became the most wanted jacket on secondhand market. Yes, it was almost considered extinct. But it came back to the track during mid-1950's, when people mainstreamed the use of this jacket for daily activities.

Bomber as a Fashion Staple

Left to Right: Alexander Wang, Simon Miller, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, Louis Vuitton
Speaking about the bomber jacket on latest runway, it is no other than Alexander Wang. Okay, call me subjective for Wang's bomber is my favorite. From Wang to Ferragamo, they worship this item for 2016 spring! You can tell me your favorite in the comment section below.

No matter what the season is, bomber jacket will always be in vogue. Are you in to the bomber game?


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