#FashionPedia: All You Need to Know About Denim

An instagram account I followed said that destroyed denim is so on trend right now. Is it right?

Denim Street Style, New York
Well I think so. It is chic and can be styled with many pieces, such as white shirt for crisp look, and oversized sweater for slouchy look. But denim is actually always on trend. Never in my life I heard one says they don't like wearing denim. Now I think this is the right time that I can write about denim. Maybe you are still wondering about denim as well.

Denim is cotton twill fabric, made of 100% cotton. The structure of denim fabric is well-known as a very comfortable fabric. This fabric will be the basic material for your jeans, purse, jacket, etc. Denim is typically produced in indigo color. It will be transformed into many colors with various processes.

The origin of 'denim' word was de Nimes. Nimes is a region in France, where all the denim game began. Andre Family, the producer, is the one to thank to, for they made this first!

I found out many people are still feeling confused about the difference between denim and jeans. Is it the same? Is it different? I found out a really good, simple answer on Quora.

Richard Bronson on Quora.com
• Denim is the fabric whereas jeans is the trouser that is made of denim cloth
• Denim is used to make not just jeans but also shirts and skirts apart from many other accessories
• Denim is made of heavy twill
• All jeans are denim, but not all denims are jeans
• Denim is a fashion fabric used to make many things, whereas jeans is just one of the garments made from denim.

So technically, it is safe for me to say that denim is the fabric of which jeans are made.

90's era is my sentimental favorite for denim style. Back then, it was so baggy that your calves can breathe. I am not against skinny jeans, by if I shall choose, baggy is the one.

My kind of denim

Here's how I style my denim!

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