[Adv] Reward for a Dead Broke Senior Year Student

October to November 2015 is the most hectic months in my life this year. I'm juggling between work and my final paper. I know, that sounds exhausting. But yea, I gotta do this anyway. At the same time, I feel like I'm really having a terrible headache, for I have to switch my mind from one to another in one second. I need refreshment. I need something new. A new look. Yes, a revamp of my whole look would be a good idea. As for now, I start to look really boring (see the pic below).

Senior year and final paper makes me broke, like really. I have to print this book, that book, and those books, let alone the multiple times of revision. Another thing is, I am that kind of person who couldn't get any mood if I do those chores at home. I need to go out, so I spend a lot of my cash in coffee shops. A revamp of my look seems impossible. How sad.

In this very year-end, there should be a sale season out there. I'm broke but please I need somethings new. Well my wishlist would be plenty of white shirts. I am kind of addicted to them now, whatever the cutting is. Yes, as long as white-dominant. But then again, I'm dead broke.


But it seems that Christmas comes early for me. Zalora will have an online revolution, a big sale, to serve your fashion crave, named Zalora 1212. How Christmas comes early? This big sale will arrive on your screen by the date of December 12 this year. I know I still have some time to save my money, so I can get more on Zalora 1212!

So I have some items to put on my wishlist for this year's Zalora 1212! All of them are Zalora's own brand named ZALORA. Trust me it has really good quality with affordable price. Have bought some pieces of them and I can say I'm satisfied with their products. Worry not, the price will be discounted as well during this year's Zalora 1212. Back to my wishlist, here they are:

I can't wait to splurge some cash on clothes in this year's Zalora 1212. I call this reward, for myself. There is nothing else called happiness when you listen someone knocks the door and delivering your Zalora 1212 sale order. Especially at the time you feel fed up with severe pressure around you. Ah! So yes, Christmas is coming early! You ready? *smirk*


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