[Adv] Fashion X Science

What does fashion mean to you?

The biggest question about fashion that we all, self-proclaimed fashion people, always face. We are done with what style is. Well for me up until now, style is merely a small part of fashion. My writing about fashion is most of the time running around the style over and over again. I consider myself as a blind person when it comes to fashion. With that being said, I try to get in touch with fashion in a way that is more intense. I started to read some sources about fashion business and marketing, fashion PR, and sustainable fashion. That's a lot and sometimes overwhelming, but then it's not even a proper excuse to stop learning.

.....Until I realized somewhat crazy idea: what if fashion has a direct collaboration with science and technology? Some designers have done things that are beyond vision making this idea to happen. Remember when Alexander McQueen (I miss his artworks!) had a very futuristic fashion show with all things metallic back then? Beyond compare.



Speaking about fashion and science collaboration will be a never ending discussion. The form of collaboration comes in various kind of way. The simplest thing is, of course, science becomes the collage of inspirations on fashion designers' moodboard. But what came to my mind is that fashion can go further from just an inspiration. Fashion can be a very influential for people who are out of fashion circle. It's no longer speaking about style and business anymore, it's even more.

Researcher can use fashion to become their tool to deliver what's up on science, whatever the field is. Can you imagine when fashion mixes biological research and art? That will be so phenomenal. It's out of my imagination when a set of clothes are inspired from molecules or cells. The fact that it will be delivered in the form of art triggers my curiosity. Is it gonna be avant-garde? Is it gonna be chic and simple? What a question. And 'reading' a research couldn't be more fun!

Taken from research, intriguing cells, molecules, and whatnot can be really artistic.
Fashion, however, is something creative. The way you deliver the mood and inspiration can never be described, hence it's always surprising. When fashion itself is something to learn seriously, this could be a problem for some fashion-passionate people. The cost is just too expensive and for some that's not even in their mind, no matter how big their love for fashion is.

Worry not, it's not fashion people if they can't find the way out of problems. A big player of fashion e-commerce in Asia, ZALORA, is providing you a chance to learn fashion through fashion scholarship. Taking 'The Science of Fashion', this pilot project will involve all Zalora chain across Asia boundaries; Indonesia, Philippines, Singpore, and whatnot. The Zalora Scholarship will bring fashion to another level, as it is not conforming the typical fashion stereotype that says fashion is merely artsy stuffs on display.

The idea behind the The Zalora Scholarship is a total fashion movement, as it takes what's far from fashion to be its focus. This is can easily be understood, for ZALORA itself is rapidly growing in the middle of digital era, and they utilize digital properties in the maximum level. 'We try to involve the future regeneration of in our business, as well as to contribute to the growth of e-commerce in Indonesia', said Anthony Fung, managing director of ZALORA Indonesia.

Application Flow of The Zalora Scholarship

The Zalora Scholarship will provide you IDR 15.000.000,00 to learn about fashion, technology, and e-commerce fashion system. This doesn't stop in the scholarship, but the grantee will as well get a chance to live the life of ZALORA intern in May 2016. The process ain't as complicated as applying to other scholarships. Send your application form and entry to scholarship@zalora.co.id. Still wondering what kind of entry that has what it takes to get The Zalora Scholarship? Come here to learn more and get inspired. Please notice to send your application before October 16, at 11 p.m WIB. Are you ready? Don't miss the deadline! Good luck and take The Zalora Scholarship grant home!



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