[Adv] Fashion Thirst? Worry Not!

Hat no-brand from Bandung
Polo Shirt and Pants by ZALORA Basic
Shoes by Giant Flames

Personal Issue

Fashion nowadays, it doesn't care about what kind of style you worship. Edgy, oldschool, crisp, elegant, whatever, you can be whoever you want in no time! I'm quite ecstatic about who to thank. After contemplating for a while, it's the internet! Cyber information is something I worship when it comes to fashion-y things. I ain;t someone who can afford a lux fashion magazine month by month, so internet helps me a lot with this thing.

As a blogger, I also need a constant supply of information about fashion. Well it's not only fashion, it includes as well some others topic, and lifestyle is one of them. Been looking for the ultimate site that compiles them all, I finally find Zalora Community. The site compiles fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment. Please tell me, what else do you look for after all these things?

Zalora Community is a one-stop fashion and all things related to lifestyle that you can access on your devices! Oh, God, remember the time you carry a bundle of magazines back then? Now you can find them on Zalora Community. Some of you might still think about the quality of its articles. Worry not, you can always trust them, for everything posted is curated meticulously. The writers are recruited first to write here, so they are not easily handpicked. But I really wish they can feature more people's writings to compile MORE things on Zalora Community.

Okay, with no fuss, I am going to show you one of their article about Fashion and Science, you can click here to see. I mean, they talk about fashion, not merely personal style. I told you, Zalora Community serves your fashion thirst like no others.

Personal style is a trendy things today in the fashion world (oh, instagram is included, of course!). They know and they also feature the stuffs on Zalora Community. One of the article is about rockabilly fashion that you can find here. It's like a time machine, how I love rockabilly. Thank you Zalora Community.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to Zalora Community, and have yourself satisfied!


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