Fashion Personal: Bandwagon #Style101


Life (read: fashion) nowadays seems more likely a total you-want-it-you-get-it captured moments. People are competing to be the champion by roaring out what they got so far. Frankly, the competition is fierce out there, that you can follow nobody whatsoever to gain respect. I still don't get the idea of the competition, as for me, fashion is something to celebrate. But well, the only golden ticket that can guarantee you to step in to the circle is character. The character is not necessarily original, more of a mixing-up one with another, let's just call them icons -personalities, pieces, or whatever you praise.

In fashion, you don’t want to be too much yelling about uniqueness, that's way too snob. Such snobbery leads you nowhere at the end of the day, because everybody who climbs to reach the top of fashion claims themselves unique. And, nothing is really unique in fashion anyway, even the brain-disconnected pieces you may see sometimes.

My point is, fashion ain’t something to be proud of but is character you embed to yourself. Fashion is a way of celebration of freedom, albeit some say no for democracy in fashion. But then, the conclusion that says fashion is for everyone is somehow widely accepted.

Don’t feel like you own fashion yourself. Each personalities may be different, but not fragmented.

Be fluid to bandwagon.

Photographed by @rastaprast | Text by @justianedwin | Styling by each models.



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