Bitter and Sour Vol. 2: Epic Coffee

The menu is made with solid material. 

Bienvenida en Epic Coffee!

Hola todos!

In the previous post, I have told you that I got a chance to have a short vacay to Jogjakarta last month. In the middle of full-packed itinerary, I put in some coffee shops to get them reviewed here on my blog in its new section, Bitter and Sour. This time, I want to give you guys some thoughts about Epic Coffee and Epilog Furniture, the location is still around Jalan Kaliurang. The coffee shop I want to review is not a newbie. It has been quite long established and the owner really, really knows about coffee. My friend told me that coffee shops owner from Jakarta often visit this coffee shop. So let's!

The Situation

Ever since you see the appearance of Epic Coffee building, you will fly to the US because of its rustic-looking front door. The idea of its building design is like the rural area of the US, feeling really comfortable to see, as it is fitting in properly with the natural mood around the building.. This makes the building stands out, as it is quite different with some other building next to it. 

Once you stepping in the door, the hot temperature changes to be a bit cooler. Epic coffee takes industrial interior design with monochromatic color palette, so it gives you chill feeling. Tres comfortable. And, the monochrome palette invites you to take some pictures of them over and over again. Too photogenic in a good way. But, in another side of the room, it has a very little bit of natural palette from the furniture. Quite a distraction, but not disturbing the whole mood of the building. I love this. The place is planned perfectly, I think it's because the owner has furniture store inside. I don't explore much to this section, no camera allowed. That's okay, though. 

Rustic front appearance.

This place is a good place for you to do your remote-working.

Detail of my favorite space at Epic Coffee.

The furniture area.

A place that combines two moods in a place -monochromatic and natural color palette.

....Plus, this coffee shop has a backyard for your garden party.

Outdoor section for you who need some brightness.

Relatively spacey backyard for garden parties etc.

The Coffee and Baristas

I always appreciate a coffee shop that has single origin coffee to offer. I dearly hope this action can stimulate national coffee industry to grow up more seriously, as well as get the coffee culture back to this country. Epic Coffee has it all, what I expected from a local, non-franchise coffee shop. It has various kinds of single origin to offer. Plus, various manual brew methods. Phew! A coolness. And for those of you who want to try making coffee at home, they sell it too.

I captured the coffee list they can serve for you (see the pic below) and it has complete information about the coffee, the taste characteristic, brew methods, and of course the price. For this amazing coffee shop, the price is not expensive at all. It's affordable for everybody to try. And please try!

Call me newbie, as I am. I haven't tried Baroko Enrekang before, so I ordered it that time. Well, in syphon, of course. The barista let me see the process of brewing and answered my total amateur questions. He was a newbie, too, but had sufficient knowledge as a new barista. He even knew about some coffee enthusiasts in Jakarta. Ever since, I realized that coffee is a real connector in society. It has small world, so people know each other. 

Details of the menu. They include the most possible taste of their coffee.

Coffee heaven: go locals!

Coffee from Baroko, Enrekang (a region in Sulawesi, Indonesia)

I think he is a senior barista. Somebody told me that.

Final Thoughts

It is a satisfaction to get your coffee served professionally, and I got it from Epic Coffee. The situation and mood of the interior design let you sip your coffee in enjoyable kinda mood. The barista, waiter, and waitress are nice to you. And most importantly, it serves good single origin coffee! I give them 9 out of 10. 

Oh, please don't call me a fashion-slash-personal-style blogger if I don't take some OOTD pictures at this very beautiful place. Please scroll down to see my color-matched outfit pictures XD

Well, that's all I can write for this Epic Coffee and Epilog Furniture. Open from 10.00 am to 11.00 pm, you can visit them at Jl. Palagan Tentara Pelajar No.29, Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55581.

A view from my table. Syphon Baroko Enrekang Coffee.

OOTD part 1.

OOTD part 2.


  1. Wow, nice place..
    I think i should try next time..
    Btw, i like ur style dude..

    1. It is a super cozy place! Please do come and have a good time!

      Thank you, Aiy :)


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