Pic was taken by me at Blue Lagoon, Jogjakarta (15/8/2015)

So, I started a project with some explanations about its meaning. I often write (sometimes rant) here about my feeling and thought about loneliness, and I think it's going to be overwhelming. I don't want my blog to become a toxic for my readers' mind because I tell them such negativity. 

Through 'Menyepi' project, I want to make myself and others feel good about being alone. Being alone without feeling lonely and killed by boredom and loneliness. For me, it is good to draw some colors in my life and others' with a different approach and perspective. When being alone for yourself is many times identified with sadness, I don't want to think that way. My spectacle on this case is that through all the too-much-society stuffs, you need to be alone to regain sanity. 

When you're alone, you become your true self, and that's the time to get all of things about you figured out. You can discover yourself. You can see how far you've been going so far. Long story short, going solitary and disappear in solitude is a positive version of egocentrism.

And I feel that it is necessary for me to give you some definitions of the terminology. Here we go! 

I took Menyepi as the word of this project because this represents the most about the situation I want to describe through this project. Last time I checked the word's definition in Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, the result was this:


1. Pergi ke tempat yang sepi; mengasingkan diri ke tempat sepi; mencari suasana sepi.

2. Menyendiri

In English, my personal opinion about a word with the closest meaning with menyepi is Solitude. According to Merriam-Webster online, solitude means a state or situation in which you are alone usually because you want to be. Close enough, eh?

This section of the blog also shows my interest in photography. I don't plan to become a photographer, but I want to learn about the sense of taking good pictures, tone them, and tell a story behind a pic. I do really wish you guys can give some insights about how I take pictures and tone the color etc. Suggestions are very welcomed here.

In the future, I do really hope this laid back project can be an honest platform for me and people to tell stories. Anything. I don't want to push anybody with this project, but if you want to see your menyepi posted here? Please kindly send to edwinjustian@gmail.com. 

Thank you and enjoy your solitude!


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