Where is He Now? #Style101

My old-self was used to be full of ambition. He tried everything's possible to make something happen. He was really friendly with self-deprivation. No whining. 

My old-self was passionate about everything but sleeping. He liked doing something alone, in the middle of loneliness, for he knew that everything he did should be a perfection. He set a really high standard for himself, as he knew that if that's impossible, he wouldn't fall too far away. No excuse.

My old-self did everything wholeheartedly. He had a big, big, big, vision of future. He created a compilation of visuals of his future. He Dreams. Repeatedly.

But where is he now?

Xx, Justian Edwin.


Thrifting Journal Note:

In this post, I am using my really cheap sleeveless tee I bought from an underrated thrift store in a traditional market around my neighborhood. Got it for IDR 20k, I feel blessed with my thrifting skill lol. I mixed this cheap stuff with Adidas shoes and they rock my look I guess. You guys can join me by putting #ThriftingJournal tag on your post on Instagram. And for you guys who are living in Indonesia, tag #makinmurahmakinkeren can also be put on the post. Have a good day!

(Photographed by @rastaprast).


  1. Welcome to quarter life crisis! Guess what? You'll be fine, J :*

    1. I am yet to go there but yeah it is just around the corner.

      Thanks for believing that I'm gon' be fine. Love! X

  2. after reading your post, I also have to ask myself where am I now? :(
    Btw, love your Thrift Fashion concept sama updatean profile kamu shay xixi

    1. Don't worry, I believe that it is quite normal for us to ask that kind of question, for we need to think how we jump in the future. Someone once told me that life is a planned game, so make it the best moment. Have faith!

      Join dong Thrifting Journalnya! Btw profile itu masih agak rough so I need to make it smoother hihi.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by here, love.


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