In the Search of Inner Peace: Jogjakarta

Back in 2007, I came in to Jogjakarta for a school field trip. I was amazed by the city and always want to go back over and over again. That feeling, I don't see it becomes obsolete any time soon. Abundant blessings are showered to the city; beaches, mountains, and the city itself that spoils you with peace and calm surroundings. Earlier this year, I had a chance to go back to the city, and here are some places where I went. Enjoy!

1. Babo Cafe

Babo Cafe is one of go-to cafes during your stay in Jogjakarta. It is easy to access, located near behind Bethesda Hospital, not too far away from Galeria Mall. I was staying around Prawirotaman, and it costs only IDR 25k for a cab. The menu was quite good and affordable, but I wasn't hungry so I chose to order a cup of coffee to start the day. What I love the most is the interior and not-so-crowded situation that gave me a good mood while sipping my latte.

The front veranda look of Babo Cafe.

View from Babo Cafe.

The Menu.

This is the right cafe for you to take an OOTD picture,

Meet my travel partner, @dibatiaraa!

Meet @adindarps, my travel partner.

Another travel partner, @tia.amanda.

New groom sandal, Got it for only IDR 35k in Mirota Batik.

Definitely my go-to look while staying in Jogjakarta.

2. Pok Tunggal Beach

This beach is totally awesome. The beach is located in a line of beaches around Gunung Kidul (approx. 2 hours from the downtown of Jogjakarta). My visit was amazing, as it wasn't a peak season for holiday. Quiet, tranquil, and serene. You might not find any power sources (well, electricity) around the beach, as it hasn't reached by it. A perfect place to get a little time off from hasty situation for you guys who live in the capitals.

Welcome to Pok Tunggal Beach, Gunung Kidul, Jogjakarta!

Colorful rainbow.

Ignore this face.

My kind of resort wear. Wearing Dian Pelangi tye-died outerwear.

Girls, taking selfie(s).

3. Kalibiru Village

During my stay in Jogjakarta, a friend of mine, @dibatiaraa, was being a savior. She offered her granny's place to stay. It was in Wates, 2 hours from Jogjakarta. The idea of her granny's location leads us to Kalibiru, Kulon Progo. The place was amazing that I can't word it. You guys must see it yourselves. Hills that surround Waduk Sermo on its center, a view you can see from an outbound stage, on the top of a high tree. A picturesque moment, indeed.

View from @dibatiaraa's front door.

A guy fixed outbound stuffs.

The process of how I took a pose in Kalibiru. The struggle is real hahaha.

Final pose of me in the famous site of Kalibiru.


  1. Wah, bagus juga nih untuk destinasi wisata mudik kali ini. Terima kasih ya untuk referensinya, Justian :)

    1. Thanks for those good words, Zhafran. You made my day. X


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