#Style101: Utilitarian, Functional


For those of you who read my blog (hopefully you guys do) surely know about my style. I used to be really exploring my style, doing everything what I want, colors, patches, ripped things, etc etc. I was such a rebel personality back then. I don't regret anything at all, because I still am. But then, I realize the fact that I need to try different thing in life. I tried to get a little reincarnation on my personal style. I want to invest. The most possible way to invest is to keep basic stuffs which are really functional, for they will be the ones who stay when trends tremendously changes from A to Z like your boyfriend's thoughts (ehem). 

And oh, did I mention something about my busy days? Work, write, and hangout are my main businesses this days. I ain't get no time for shopping at store. I mean, how can I get my style-changing to happen?



Hangout Places are me and my bestfriends' stress release.
Bestfirends! @monnafathia, @mirasonia, @aulintanw

My style would be really vintage but I am gon' keep 'em clean so that they will be adjustable for every occasion. Black, white,khaki, and grey, the colors that I hunted to invest. Each items I order must be simple and utilitarian. They're on trend right now, anyways.

My favorite boat shoes from ZALORA.

To get this style revolution to be accomplished, I do a little research on online shopping. Listings, background checking, and the price comparison are my things back then. Got a very very little time, I found a new baby born online shopping platform last year. Thanks for Dian Pelangi, my ex-boss whom introduced me to Zalora in a business deal. Had a meeting with them few times, I saw them really professional as a buyer. They pick things meticulously. Long story short, I found out they got their own brand; Zalora and Zalora Basics. Those are my most fave collections of all. Clean, functional, trendy, and affordable. I feel in love. 

Keep the items on your hand TODAY! Only on ZALORA FASHION FEVER WEEK

And this is time for you to start, I suggest. Zalora will be having a big surprise for you, FASHION FEVER WEEK. Sale up to 80% Off, from 22-31 July 2015. I have no word to describe, just go get them all you want HERE. Psst, I am now doing it now. 


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