Way to Go Back Home

One day I saw a picture posted on Instagram. It said that it is way much easier for us to say that we are antisocial instead of saying the ugly truth that we are actually a lonely, damaged one. My thought reacted to this excessively. Seriously, what the?!

I am that kind of person who is loving so much my me time, my solitary moment. No doubt I felt insulted by the sentence. I mean, what's the matter if we are lonely and feel damaged sometime? Isn't it society that claims that life is all about ups and downs. The feelings might part of it, am I right?

Lately my life has been occupied by some people who are nagging too much about feeling left behind. A person is mad because we didn't attend his graduation ceremony. Another one is feeling deeply sad that nobody noticed his thesis defense day. Don't get me wrong. I know how important those days might be for some. But you know, we have other things to manage, and it is not something strange if we forget about your totally important dates if you don't really give a gentle reminder about such dates. And I know that feeling is normal as I will feel so when it happens to me.

My point is not how they become that sentimental. No. I will not rant about that. My point is that this kind of thing makes me afraid. Afraid of expecting too much from people I love. Expecting and not getting what's expected. What a nightmare it is going to be. Some friends who used to go out with me are now starting to go away. They have already new businesses they need to manage as a priority; business, lover, thesis, and... other new friends. That's okay. That's really okay. But for me, losing what's used to be around is not easy. Typical, I'm a Libra afterall. Now I am getting used to rejection and cancellation when I ask people to go out. I can get out alone, of course. But then again, it's not the same, though. 

Choosing who's best, picking who deserves my special treatment. Two things I need to try on. Meeting friends like @ayurizkiyani and @anandic opened up my eyes. They made me realize that if somebody goes, another will come. If nobody comes at the moment, we are the one who can make us feeling loved. Not to mention the fact that we can always make a priority scale. Remember about those papers you procrastinate? Remember the blog you leave? Just redo them. Start again, begin something you have started but you abandon for quite some time. It's time to recharge.

People please remember, there is always a home to go back to. Because home is where you will end up at the end of the day. Home is where you will feel accepted when you feel left behind, even though you left it for long time. Remember what's left and make it as what's coming up next. Don't worry about what and who leave you; friends, lover, or else, for they will go back if they feel you're the home. 

My self reminder for this kind of thing is to expect less from people. Do more what makes me grow. 

Stay awesome!

Xx, Justian Edwin.


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