Got Interview Call? Play It Up!

So you have applied to some creative companies and you just almost feeling fucked up because nobody calls you back? 

Do NOT stop dreaming. There will always come another chance. Ask them up about your possibility to be accepted and becoming a permanent employee, like, a week after the interview. Don't forget to keep applying while you're busy keeping up with the telephone.

...tick, tick, tick, tick, you keep waiting the callback....

One day you can't cope anymore with the pressure of unemployed status on your forehead, they finally call you back! 

Chin up, keep calm and find the right outfit!

No no no no, do not be stiff and too formal when it comes to creative company. Be playful yet be sober to run on the right track. Some colors won't hurt I promise. Here we go! Good luck! X


  1. Love the grey/burgundy color combo! You run such an inspiring website; we followed you on Twitter, as well! X


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