Throughout this post, you will be flabbergasted by this Indonesian aspiring fashion designer: Angie Blaire. She drowns my attention when I was doing as intern in Jakarta Fashion Week 2013. That moment, my favorite model Kelly Tandiono sashayed the runway wearing one of her collection and it was super amazing. Showcasing her collection in Jakarta up to Hong Kong Fashion Week never stops her from exploring fashion and bring them to the next level.

Kelly Tandiono wearing Angie Blaire's during her show on Jakarta Fashion Week

Angie’s Perspective: An Interview

1.) What is (or are) your biggest inspiration(s) when it comes to design?

I must say CULTURE give me the biggest inspiration when it comes to design. Culture can be anything, indonesian cultures that are so rich, a modern culture in every day life, things that people do in certain community that moves me and inspires me to take those into a fashion form. Putting these inspiration into fashion and making it into a story which has positive moral message is the core of my design.

2.)Can you give me one word that strongly represents your brand?

3.) Do you have someone whose personality is influencing your design? Like, a muse?

Basically, the brand called BLAIRE which was hugely inspired by Blair Waldorf, the character from Gossip Girl series. Such a strong character with impeccable sense of fashion and styling. 
She can be tough and powerful, but girly at the same time.

4.) What do you think about Indonesian fashion scene nowadays?

Indonesian fashion scene nowadays has been growing positively. Customers are being pampered by so many choices of fashion and styling by various local designers which is always a good thing because people are getting more and more aware of fashion. With so many fashion portals from Jakarta Fashion Week, Indonesia Fashion Week, Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival and many more, fashion industry has become more competitive. With the growing numbers of fashion enthusiast and fashion entrepreneur in Indonesia, hopefully the government give more and more support for this industry and also encourage people to appreciates and support local brands.

5.) Your next move for the upcoming collection? A hint of newly designed stuffs are welcome 

My 2015 collections are still with the same spirit like previous years which is colorful, fun and lots of geometric prints. Blaire 2015 theme is "The Urban Farmer" inspired by "Urban Farming"  that has been a positive lifestyle changes throughout the world. It has a lot of beneficial values for every aspect in life because urban farming creates a healthier environment, healthier mind and body and in the end as we love our mother nature we become a happier, a better person. With this collection, Blaire wish to bring more awareness about urban farming and start being urban farmer itself. Taking inspiration from the nature, Blaire color palettes are green, brown, blue and grey, in geometric patterns and shape printed digitally in series of outfits from top, bottom, outerwear, day dress, etc.

Angie Blaire SS 2015 The Urban Farmer

6.) Do you have some tips for styling for my readers? (Like, what to invest in our closet?)

Well, I'd like to think that there's no rule in fashion, wear what you like as long as it makes you happy within the right proportion and appropriateness. 

However, here are my MUST HAVE items in wardrobe: a very nice coat (basic color like black or navy blue), several crisp white shirts and a classic little black dress. With these key items we can mix and match with anything and dress it up or dress it down.

Angie Blaire SS 2015 The Urban Farmer

7.) Your thought about self-respect or self-esteem.

You have to respect yourself first before others because the way you treat yourself set an example for others. If you dont respect or believe in yourself, how will you expect others to respect or believe in you?

About passion in graphic design and SS 2015 Collection 

Finally this is the awaited section, Angie Blaire Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Dominated with natural color which she compiled in printed fabric (vary from organza to denim), she tried to manifest such natural palette combined with modern-chic design. She gives us crop, flare, pencil, bodycon, and other silhouette, like her creativity is exploding this season.

Angie Blaire SS 2015 The Urban Farmer

Angie Blaire SS 2015 The Urban Farmer

Angie looks like trying to build new era of simplicity. The collection is simple and clean-cut yet it screams the complexity of one’s mind by printing vector graphic into fabric. She talks pretty much about her love in graphic design on her facebook account.

Angie Blaire SS 2015 The Urban Farmer

If I am allowed to personify this collection, it will be a NY’s high-end fashion magazine editor. I can see the girls wearing her collection walking through pavement across the Manhattan. You know, New Yorkers don’t want to be outshined by skyscrapers. Never. 

Anyways, the collection will be ready to hit your wardrobe by mid-November. Grab them fast!!! Please kindly follow @officiallyblaire and check their website on for further info of the collections. 

*All of the pics are downloaded from Angie's private facebook.


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