International Studies Club Diplomatic Course V

International Studies Club Diplomatic Course

A diplomatic course will be held by International Studies Club, UIN Jakarta's international studies community. #ISCDCV will bring you to a seminar about diplomatic course!

1.) Who will necessarily join this event?

      YOU, YOU, AND YOU!

      Yes, all of you. This event is open for everyone. #ISCDCV do not make this event for IR students only. For those of you who are from economic studies or even literature, you may come as well. The requirement for this event is only one: eagerness to learn. That is all. 

      For the [freshmen], you might in the future interested in joing Model United Nations. Thinking it is enough to read newspapers everyday? I don't think so. You need to know how the system of UN Conference works from voting procedure until resolution drafting. This is the RIGHT time for you to learn about those stuffs.

2) Why do you NEED to join this event?

      Because this is interesting, of course. You know, nothing is more interesting than being in the middle of conference, speaking on behalf of certain coutry regarding certain issue (in #ISCDCV we will talk about environment and its coherent issues), and feeling extremely proud of yourself because of it. Not to mention the friendship and new connections we will get from #ISCDCV (So prepare your business card, everyone). 

3) Still thinking about the benefit you get from #ISCDCV?

      Na ah, that is not necessary. Words just cannot describe how cool you will become after joining this event. Just directly apply to this LINK. We will wait you guys until October 3 2015

See you in #ISCDCV! Xx


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