Hello, Babies!

I am terribly sorry for this late late late post. I am currently living my busy mode, and I have no (literally no) time to blog. It doesn’t mean that I forget my second home, this Biblical Journey. Well, I am SOOOO going to tell you guys why I changed the name. It is a long story.

Now I am doing some activities outside my college time. Baby J is currently becoming a fashion PR! Yes, I am now a PR for a top notch Indonesian Fashion designer. I am not yet fully hired, but at least I’m on my probation phase. Just wish me luck so that I can tell you about this happy news.

In the middle of my busy time, I almost lose time to shop. Yes, even for an hour shopping spree. No. I have been thinking how to get my shopping spree back on track like what it is back then. And voila! I finally found my savior, zalora with their formal shoes collection *mouth-watering*. Anyway, Zalora is the pioneer of e-commerce platform in Indonesia which is focused on fashion stuff. 

They have sale section on the website, which is so A-F-F-O-R-D-A-B-L-E. Hahaha, excuse my overreacted response towards the price, I’m still a brooooooke student, despite the fact that I finally find my dream job (almost) becomes true.

Happy shopping everyone!


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