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Sartje is performing!

Authentic and confident are two words to describe her. Oh, and don't forget humble, because it is embedded and is following her everywhere. She fits in any kind of style; fancy, vintage, everything. I am totally attracted when I see her performing with White Shoes and The Couples Company. That is attractive!

A wink from Sartje to brighten your life!

Welcome Abroad with Sartje!

1.      I love your style. How do you describe your style in 3 words?

basic - classic - chic

2.      Do you have any fashion icon? Or fave signature style of someone?

I love Audrey Hepburn very much and Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam a.k.a M.I.A, they look good in everything, they can be active, chic and glam, and it's not just about the look, they got all the attitudes.

3.      What is your fave fashion brand, and where is your best place to shop?

I like easy breezy, fun, basic styles and vintage stuff, I love local

brands such as UNKL, KLE and UGLY. It's not just about the designs but
they have this trademark designers cut, yeah cuttings and fabrics
kinda affect my perspective on fashion brands, If the cutting isn't
gonna look good on me well it's not gonna be my fave, but in general
you can spot me hunting basics stuff on UNIQLO, for vintage stuff I
shop on every kind of second hand or flea market I can possibly find.

4. We all people really want to know your favorite fashion
stuffs. Please let us know.

On stages I wear a lot of pearl necklaces, sack dresses with colorful

floral motives, black eye liners, big pairs of earrings and custom
made wingtip dancing shoes. But in daily life a slim fit black pants
never failed me, you can match it up almost with everything.

5.      If you only get 5 minutes to get in style, what kind of
fashion stuffs will exactly you pick?

ankle length slim fit black pants, pair it with a black turtle neck /

long sleeve tee shirt, then add pearl necklace, the last but not least
white socks and a low cut shiny leather boots.

6.      I probably encourage people to choose their primary outfit to
invest, since nowadays style-on-budget has been a trend.  Do you have
any tips for us what to invest in our closet?

if you have any authentic band or movie merchandise inside your closet

such as t-shirts, don't ever give it away! they might worth a lot on

7.  Speaking about self-respect, please share us about how to keep
being ourselves in anywhere we're in :-)

Take it easy on your self, adapt with your surroundings, enjoy your

time and space, make your self comfortable, just like Bruce Lee said
"become like water my friend" 


She is adorable, isn't she?

have a cup of coffe with her? Please reach her on her Instagram account @sarisartje and find out more there! 

Note: All of Sartje's pics posted here are from her instagram account. All pictures are published with permission.



Sartje's daily outfit.

Simplicity is Sartje's middle name, I guess.


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