Getting someone to date in your desperate phase is one of those wonderful things you can ever imagine. Butterflies in your tummy aren't something to compromise. They're also crazy about the one you are going to have as your date mate! Hahaha I'm sorry for my teenager way of thinking.

Those butterflies keep flying around through your stomach even though they already know that a date is not always ending up perfectly polished like what we see in Disney's fairytale. The worst thing which might happen is you are attracted to someone and it's not getting back in return. 

Wait. Are you really concluding this that fast? Please just don't. Don't lose hope, don't ever think that someone you like abandons you. Many possibilities, ait? For instance, s/he might run out of battery and its power source, or run out of credit. Another one is that s/he might be having a good time with family, or simply is working on his/her job. Yes, think positively. You can wait until you feel fucked up. Be patient, because people say that good things come to those who wait (and work hard).

While feeling restless, you can do some things that make you feel better. YES! Short escapism by looking for possible fugitives. Here are some things I probably do when I feel abandoned, restless, or anything else you call 'em.

Watching Movie/TV Series

Simplest thing you can do. I have a list of my favorite movies and TV series. Standard choices, but they are enough.

1. Cafe

From this movie, I learn that people have their own problems. They might not tell you what it is, but they certainly have. People from diverse backgrounds come to a cafe and hanging around for hours. Simple setting, simple plot, but a lot to learn. Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. Cool, eh? 


Anyway, this relates my life. I love to sit in the coffee shops for hours, doing nothing other than talk to the waiter and waitresses. If I find one coffee shop that suits my feeling, I will go there very often. 

2. Sex and The City


I'm not referring to the movie or serial versions. All is good to me personally. I learn to laugh, I learn to know what friendship means, I know how to live my daily life and deal with different people everyday. Life is good. Fashion? Having sex? Writing a book? Unexpected baby from a friend? Find more.

 "Heartbreak. Not good for the heart, good for the economy" 

-Carrie Bradshaw

3. Friends

Oh, classic. Everyone loves this serial. 90's never never never die! Jennifer Anniston? Love her! And Matt Le Blanc is cute.

Go to Neighborhood Gym


Have you heard about endorphins? Yes, that chemical stuff which pops out when you're happy. At the same time, endorphins act as natural pain killer. The good news is, you can reach the top level of endorphins if you work out. Not to menion the fresh and that killer body you will get from working out.

Still waiting? Move your ass off NOW!

*More info about endorphins:

Karaoke? Alone? That's not really bad idea


Karaoke will be one of fugitives you can take to forget about you-don't-know-where date mate. You can sing, you can dance, you can scream, you can do whatever you want inside the room.

Anything else? Let me know what you do when you feel restless! And don't forget to be more optimistic. Not so sure? We still can learn :-)

Of course you can greet send me some words through twitter and instagram @justianedwin 

Song list I heard while writing this piece: 

1. Holy Grail by Jay Z ft. Justin Timberlake

"One day you screaming you love me loud
The next day youre so cold
One day you're here, one day you're there, one day you care
You're so unfair..."

2. Almost is Never Enough by Ariana Grande
3. Royal by Lorde.


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