Backstage Conversation with Kelly Tandiono

Kelly Tandiono reveals her personal style and what items to invest on.

One of my personal favorite fashion shoots of Kelly Tandiono. Photo Source: The Shonet.

It was a beautiful evening in Senayan City, Jakarta. Jakarta Fashion Week was on its halfway through to the end. Fashion people roaming around the venue to celebrate the progress of Indonesian fashion. There were many things going on; style, beauty, even business and trade. I stood up at the backstage, maintaining my composure as I helped Kelly Tandiono to put on a designer's super delicate dress. I just could't hide my ecstatic adoration at that time. And we talked.

No one will be surprised when hearing Kelly Tandiono as the star of the runway. Yes, she has a big name in fashion. To date, she has worked with many major brands; Puma, Nivea, Aqua, even WWF. She also once became one of the mentors for Asia's Next Top Models Cycle 3 contestants. That AsNTM show gig brought her name to be bigger. She doesn't stop there, as she is now working for some film projects, one of them is Gundala by Joko Anwar. The latest thing she did is a venture on a swimwear brand named Cover Me Not.

Kelly Tandiono's latest business: Cover Me Not Swimwear. Photo source: Cover Me Not.

Her strong Asian features brought us androgynous and fierce ambiance to the room full of people. Her fit body is just to die for; toned and firm with prominent muscles popping up. I once said directly to her ‘your body is a body to die for’. Thanks to her workout regimen. She takes workout very seriously; triathlon, pencak silat, running, you name it.

Kelly Tandiono takes workout very seriously. Photo Source: She Radio.

However, it is not only her physical features that I adored from Kelly Tandiono. Her personality always shines through. Don't be fooled by her intimidating look, as she has the nicest personality. She doesn’t act like a supermodel at the backstage. Her humbleness brought me to her at the backstage and asked for an interview session. She didn't talked to me like I was a blogger who was in his beginning stage. 

Kelly Tandiono started her modeling career in Singapore, and she traveled around the world to show her excellent skills to the the brands she worked with. No wonder she can show such world class attitude.

"It is the waiting time that becomes a problem working as a model in Indonesia. The show lasts for approximately an hour in the evening, but we have to be present since very early in the morning. I think we're lacking of efficiency," Kelly said in an interview.

I talked to Kelly to know her more in terms of her personal style. Keep reading.

Photo source: Tribun Jogja.

Kelly, I do really love your effortless style. How do you describe your style in 5 words?

To sum up my personality in five words, I would say that I am tomboy, edgy, chic, street, elegant.

Do you have any fashion icon you love, and why?

I've always loved Freja Beha, there is something about her and her style. 

What's your fave fashion brand, and where is your best place to shop?

My fave fashion brand would be Topshop, Zara, Lanvin, Max Mara. There are just so many by the way. About shopping destination, my best place to shop is definitely Europe. I love going to the vintage shop and spend hours just looking through it.

Do you have favorite fashion items? What are they?

My favorite would be shoes and sunglasses. Preferablly Tod's for shoes and vintage Rayban's.

If you only get 5 minutes to get in style, what kind of fashion stuffs will you pick?

I would go for a high waist jeans with a short top, cool hat, sunglasses and a pair of Tods.

Do you have any tips for us what to invest in our closet?

While fashion can never last long, invest in your personal style. About few stuffs to invest on, I would suggest for a super nice watch. It's a good investment for sure not a waste of money.

The clothes were on, the make up had been touched up, and the show director called her. I and a village of backstage team cheered her up to lift up the backstage's rush mood. She smiled and walked away to the runway stage.

Kelly Tandiono for DA MAN. Photo source: DA MAN Magazine.



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