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In the post I mentioned above, I told you that October was a very, very, hectic month. It was quiet hard to remember what I did in that month, for I was given A LOT of things to do, from FISIP Fashion Fest to Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 (will be updated soon!)

One of the jobs that offered to me was judging FISIP Fashion Fest 2013. Well, it's an event held by FISIP UIN Jakarta, and is one of the agendas of FISIP DAYS 2013. The event was so great! A lot of girls competing and showing off their best outfit. The event was held in October 11.

The finalists of FISIP Fashion Fest 2013 posing on the stage
The competition was tough enough, really! It desperately needs judges to decide who deserve to win. Here are the judges:

Me as a judge of FFF 2013. Will update about this outfit soon, too!

@monnafathia as judge of FFF 2013.

I know you are very curious about the winner! Let's see meet them!

1st Winner of FFF 2013: Mira Kusmira (@mirasidyum)

This girl's outfit looks so gorgeous. I love the detail of her gown. The headpiece gives a very good effect on her whole look, especially the pearls which fall down accross her forehead, so unique!
Yet, the color of the gown gives us time to relax, throwing that overdressed look. I couldn't imagine this full-of-detail gown in shocking pink, or, yellow. She made this gown look terrific and whole-balanced looking.

Congratulation, Mira!

2nd Winner of FFF 2013: Hafizah Oktavia Habsari (@hafizahoktavia)

Tres chic! It's all I can say when I see her struttin' the runway of FFF 2013. I love the color, I love the necklace! It looks so edgy yet I can still its relation with the whole look. 
It's quiet a tough debate to decide the winner; Mira or Hafizah. I want to make them all to be the winner of FFF 2013! 
Something I have to say from this girl's outfit, the headpiece make the turban a bit overdressed, since it has houndstooth print on it, and the color of the headpiece doesn't suit the dress and the turban. But I love her look so much that I made her the runner up :-D

Favorite Winner of FFF 2013: Laili Meutia Parera (@lailimeutia)

I should say that this girl is a mega-fave of everyone. I say this because all of people was clapping when she walked on the runway! And yes, I have to say that she was so beautiful and is so photogenic. It was hard for me to choose her best pic, because I love her face's structure.

Let's talk about the look. She wore bat-winged top and tutu skirt. I love that color combination, soft and calm. I shouldn't say anything about the look because she nailed it! Love love love.

That is all! That was the winners of FFF 2013. I think they really deserve the title because they show us the best they could do in front of us. It is not that other finalists didn't show their best, but we should choose the best :-( (FYI, that's a dilemma when you become a judge). Well, greet them through their twitter account if you're mesmerized by their look! ;-)

But anyways, I should say thanks to all of the finalists who showed us creative styling in FFF 2013! And, good job for all of the committee.

See you in FFF 2014, babies! Xx


  1. Aaa gila, gue ngga tau mau komen apa bang. Gue buka fashionia hehe.
    Salam kenal ya, thanks udah mampir di blog gue :)


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