Faradina Mufti is a super-talented fashion icon. A fresh graduate from design faculty. She was a Gadis Sampul and Puteri Indonesia (Miss Indonesia Universe) 2012 finalist. She was featured so many times in GADIS magazine's covers and articles. 

Fara (her nick name) is also featured in some (well, many) TV advertisements. And, she is currently playing some roles in FTV (TV Movies) which are aired nationwide. She is signed with EDGE Models Jakarta now.

I met Fara in an event held by Femina Group, the big group of many magazines, from glossy to teen magazines. We were working with kids and it was super fun! I didn't see anything bad in her, because she is so humble. A good friend, indeed. And of course, her fashion style is so intriguing!

1.) what do you think about your personal style? Please describe it in 5 words
  > whatever, moody, comfy, feminine and/or boyish sometimes.

2.) When was the time you got interested in fashion?
  >  when i was a kid and my mom put unsuitable dress on me then i chose another by my self. I have my own style ever since.

3.) Do you have any fashion icon? If so, who is she/he?

  > nope, everyone could be my fashion icon, anything could be my inspiration. 

4.) What is your fave fashion brand? (you mas answer local/international brand)

   >  I fall in love with kate spade's neon colors. 

5.) If you have 5 mins to get in style what will you pick to make you look stylish?

    > I'm so gonna pick my medicines: mini dress and boots, and put mascara.

6.) Let us know your fave fashion stuffs

    > I like everything to be honest! Haha.. 
       Well, what I like the most are dress and over-sized shirts.

7.) Do you have any tips to be stylish on budget?

    > Ssst, I will tell you my secret, always puts my basic dress with outer, such as a rebel jacket jeans, leather jacket, or get layered with sweater and boy's shirt also. Take one and ready to chill! 

 Note: All of pictures posted here was provided by Faradina Mufti Herself.


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