The Super Easy DIY: Fringe Sleeveless Top!

Hola, babies! been thinking to make some items by myself, but I always assume it's gonna be hard, time-wasting, and of course it's gonna need high level of sewing skill.


Well, I have made a fringe sleeveless top by myself. It does not need really high-skilled hand, but it takes time. Yes, It takes time. Time, and teeny, tiny little bit happiness [oh please, believe me].

FYI, It takes about an hour for me to cut and to tie them one by one.

Actually, the idea of making this fringe stuff was popping out when I was on the bus, on my way home. Right after I hit my room, I started to make this come true! Hahaha.

And, those super easy steps are:

1. The fringe's measurement depends on you. I cut them out on my version of measurement; 12cm vertical length, and +/- 1.5 cm horizontal length.

2. Done cutting them all, knot them one by one. Yes, you make them each. These knot's function is to avoid the end of your cutting line to split.

Voila! this is the result

I'm sorry for double posting. But this is one of my ways to wear my DIY fringe top.


  1. great idea...,
    masih suasana lebaran kan,
    sambil ngucapin mohon maaf lahir batin, sambil mata lirak lirik kiri kanan nyari ketupat,
    happy independence day for my Indonesia...merdeka :-)


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