Meet The Fashion Icon: @sulistiywt Hijaab Inspiration VOL. 2

She is my friend, and is a psychology student. She had not wore hijaab when we met firstly in 2010 if I'm not mistaken. She started to wear hijaab in 2012. I saw her style is growing, so I feature her here on my blog. So please welcome, a girl with long long legs (well, she's 170 something tall), Sulis!

 Let's Meet The Fashion Icon! 

What do you think of your personal style? Please describe it to me in some words
I will describe my personal style as simple, unique, and casual.

In your daily look, do you have a fashion icon?
I definitely have a fashion icon. 
She is Rizki Amalia and is often called as Iymel. She is one of fashion stylist in Hijabella Magazine which is owned by Dian Pelangi. She has different style with other hijabers. She is totally unique, hence Iadore her style so much.


Why did you wear hijaab? Is there any reason [personal or inspired by someone]?

I am wearing hijaab because it’s a compulsory for every muslim women. I am a new hijabers (muslim women with hijab), started from 2012 Ramadhan. I was confused if I can’t behave well with hijaab. But then I think this is the right time to learn how to behave well and properly, and the hijaab is the milestone for me.

What are must-have items for a girl/woman with hijaab, according to your opinion?

Must-have items for head-scarf girl is (of course) scarfs, pashmina, basic-colored long sleeve tees, and trousers.

Do you have any fave spot to shop? 

I shop in various ways. I shop online because they sell many cute items which can’t be found in stores/malls. Special treatment for trousers/jeans, I prefer to shop in stores/malls because I have long legs, I’m afraid the things don’t fit me well if I buy them online.

If you're given ten minutes to get in style, what definitely will you grab?

I’ll grab square-shaped scarf, t-shirt, jeans, and playful outer/cardigan.

Do you have tips for our readers to be stylish in budget?

To be stylish on budget, we don’t need much money, tho. It depends on how creative we are to mix and match them. 

Once we succeed to play with fashion items, standard-priced items will look good and even expensive


  1. Aku suka foto yang terakhir. Rok chiffonnya oke. The top suits the hijab really nicely.

    1. Thanks! :-) Keep reading. Am heading to your blog!

    2. Pilihan yang bagus ...
      Dalam islam semua tubuh wanita itu aurat. Jadi jangan perlihatkan lekuk tubuh mu termasuk paha kaki sampai ke bawah ... :)


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