Meet The Fashion Icon: @agyeeta Hijaab Inspiration Vol. 3

Agita is one of a kind. I met her 2 to 3 years ago at KOMPAS (daily newspaper in Indonesia) office, and worked together there. She is the founder of @tweetkuliah, a twitter account focused on giving information about events, internships, conferences, and so on (specialized for college student). 

Last time I met her was at Pacific Place, Jakarta for CINTA Interfaith training, and I fell in love with her chic turban style. No more words, let Agita agitate you all now!

Let's Meet The Fashion Icon! 

What do you think of your personal style?

Actually I never judged myself neither as a fashion icon nor fashion lover. I really have no idea for this. Living in a hot and humid city like Jakarta, I strongly believe in dressing according to the weather.

I've always been a jeans-T-shirt-Turban girl. Maybe, turban almost represents myself. It's simple, different, chic and classy. I'm not a silly women who will death in the triple layers of scarfs on her head just because someone says that's what's trendy right now.

When was the first time you choose to wear turban?

I dressed up for myself. So let say, when was the first time I am using this turban. It was last summer, mid of June 2012 in 45 degree celcious' India.
Do you have fashion icon which inspires you for your daily look?

The sikh man inspired me to wrap my scraf like a turban and wore it as a hijab. Today, I am in love with HH Sheikha Mozah and @ascia_akf

What is your fave brand, or fave spot to shop?

 Anne Avantie (Kebaya), Louboutin for shoes, Balmain (for everyday star's look), Manish Malhotra for ethnic Indian look and Cavalli for perfect night.

 If you have 10 mins to get in style, what will you pick to get ready?

My MAC lipstick (Ruby Woo), My silver statement necklace which I bought in Janpath market (India), bold eyebrows and HEELS!
What is your must have items as a stylish girl with turban?

Levi's jeans, Louis Vuitton Trunks & Bags, Christian Siriano heels, My statement necklaces which made in India and some from forever21.

Please tell us your secret to get in style! 

- first things first: the OUTFIT! Go back to the basics. You have two options here. Get the trusty pair of jeans and dress it up with a nice top (Zara & Mango are my fav). Or if you have that #LittleBlackDress sitting in ur wardrobe, now's the time to grab it.

- Dress your outfit up with a stunning statement necklace and rings. Remember don't overloade on the jewellery.

- Eyeliner & Mascara. They make ur eyes come alive and add much needed sense of drama.

- Heels! Heels! HEELS! The higher, the better!

- A big smile is really your best accessory. If u re not having fun, even a custom-made Valentino gown will lose its charm.


  1. mode jilbab sekarang banyak sekali ya, tapi jangan lupa pilih yang syar'i

  2. It all begins with a starting point. The good one is the decision to wear hijaab itself. The problem about shar'i or not depends on someone's faith. No one can judge anyone.

    Thanks for visiting and keep reading, habib! :-)

  3. I won't see it from any religious point of view because this is a fashion blog and this article is about fashion. I think the turban is very nice in fashion's way. It's unique and innovative. And she's pretty, too.

    1. Good viewpoint, honey.

      Thanks for visiting! Done following your twitter also :-)

  4. Lpved her secrets, loved her turbain! A fashion icon indeed!


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