Hei Babies! Now I'm back with a lot of things to share here. In this post, I am going to let you see my favorite runway shows in the latest menswear collections for SS '14.

I chose these designers because of their spirit of freedom, and of course their out-of-the-box designs. By out of the box I mean the edginess of their designs. I love how they show to people their creativity and their refusal to follow the stream. I see character there (of course, hence they are known worldwide).

They are Yohji Yamamoto, Christophe Lemaire, and Saint Laurent. Now let's unveil their outfits one by one. Here they are!

Yohji Yamamoto
"Nomad-inspired Designs"

Let's go to the first rank of my most fave runway presentation! 
Yohji Yamamoto was inspired by people with nomad life in this collection. 

Street! I can see the spirit of street style in this entire collection. No boundaries. If it could say something, I'm pretty sure it will say 'hey! I don't care with what people say about my style'.

So many layers, especially for the pants. It doesn't stop in the layer thing. Yohji Yamamoto uses many flowy materials/fabrics for the whole stuffs, so they flow beautifully following the models' gesture on the runway. The sense of street style is much much stronger because of their slouchy cut. I really love this!


Christophe Lemaire
 "Classic-Monochromatic Summer"

Classic, Monochromatic. Those words represent Christophe Lemaire's presentation for SS '14. The collection look brings us to do flashback to the era of 1960 somtething. Usind sandals with tailored pants, why not? 

Christophe Lemaire presents to us how to put simple-cut outfits at its best. I didn't know how it feels to touch the fabric yet my brain visualizes the fabric as smooth materials. I don't know it is just me or these outfits reminisces Asia in that 60 era. J'adore!

Saint Laurent
"Playful and Skinny Rule"

Saint Laurent spoils our eyes and fashion thirst with these edgy-mixed outfits. Actually, the stuffs are not that wonderfully surprising like 2 houses above has done. Yet, the colors, prints, and that fuschia shoes, yes, they are gorgeous!

(OOT) Well, if we take a peek on the model of this season's presentation, it is good idea. 'Skinnies rule the world'. if I can say this way.  The models made this show look way more beautiful and intriguing.

Pics: Yohji Yamamoto: | Christophe Lemaire: | Saint Laurent:


  1. I love the Saint Lauren collection! Nice picking :)


  2. Koleksinya Saint Lauren keren, saya suka.

    Yg Lemaire juga simpel tp berkesan formal

    1. Hei thank you for visiting. keep reading to see what's coming up next :-)

      Saya juga suka bgt sama Saint Laurent nya. Yg Lemaire itu keliatan clean bgt jd rapi gitu ya hehe


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