Meet the Fashion Icon: Hijaab Inspiration VOL. 1 by @thataljundiah

She is one of a kind. 

She Initiated UIN Fashion Fair 2012, a fashion event which was focused to promote moslem wear for youngsters. She is Qonitah Al-Jundiah, a psychology student of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. 
She also is a fashion blogger which is currently working in Hijabella Magazine. 

 Let's Meet The Fashion Icon!

1.) What do you think of your personal syle? Please describe it on 5 words

My personal style is a mix of clean, neutral color, vintage, proper (as  a muslim-ah), and playful.

2.) When was the first time you got interested in fashion?

My fashion need begun when I was in high school. I was that hunger for self-identity at that time and fashion relaxed me off.

3.)    Do you have any fashion icon? If so, who is she/he?

I’d rather to call it fashion inspiration because I don’t have any specific role model in fashion, cause I guess each of us inspire each other so I like Diana Rikasari (Indonesia), and my International inspiration are Mischa Barton (First love) and Elle Mayleckenby (Fashion Blogger)

  4.)  What is your fave fashion brand?

  Wohoo! This is my favorite question haha

 For the local brand I pick shoe brand it’s Adorable Projects it’s give me such an addictive intuition to keep buying their hand made shoes. Love the original design, color, affordable and rational price, plus plus their friendly customer service.

For International brand, I couldn’t resist Forever 21 and Topshop, don't you? Lol.

5.) If you have 5 mins to get in style what will you pick to make you look stylish?

Oh well, jeans, mini skirt, turban for head scarf style!

6.) Let us know your fave fashion stuffs

My favorite fashion stuff is something vintage either it’s a lace, knit, fringe, or everything in nude or basic color. I could die for vintage hehe.

Last Question! Do you have any tips for girl with hijaab to be stylish in budget?

Yap yap for sure!

My style tips for a headscarf girl (especially), you can afford some pieces of basic long sleeve top and basic triangle scarf. Then, you can wear and mix them with various outer, acc, or see thru for top and for the headscarf you can make your performance outstanding by a quirky headscarf style either it’s turban, simple sided-scarf, layered scarf or anything! Just play with your scarf with unlimited style. 

This is one of my fave pics!
 Once you brave to wear the unusual style, voila! then you’re stylish.


  1. Salam kenal dengan mbak Qonitah, pake jilbabnya cakep...

    Nambah ilmu lagi nih mampir ke blog fashion *belajar*belajar*

    1. Halo, Aku Justy.

      Qonitah guest post aku kali ini. Kalau mau komunikasi dengan orangnya langsung, bisa kamu reach di alamat blog di atas. Thanks for visiting! :-)

    2. sama-sama, salam kenal ya...


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