Fashion Trial: Meet The Fashion Icon! VOL. 1 (Agam, Fashion Design IKJ)

This guy is a total-edgy fashion person. I love his style ever since I met him in Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 backstage (will post about this soon). He was coming up with studded hat and some other cool stuffs for four days in a row! Seems like he never misses any idea to mix some stuffs. This is my short interview with him. Let’s meet the fashion icon!

1. Please describe your style in some words

childish, cute, color full, and probably a bit androgynous :P

2. In doing those styles, do you have a fashion icon?

I don’t have any fashion icon. I enjoy observing any kind of style I see and give them a twist on my body. That’s exactly how I create my style.

3. Where is your best place to shop?

I shop, like, everywhere I find cute stuffs. It is more likely a spontaneous response to the stuff. Whatever it is, wherever it is, as long as I love the stuff, I am so gonna buy it.

4. When was the first time you felt come along with fashion?

I started to love fashion when I was in elementary school, in the fifth grade to be precise, but the time I style myself this way was when I went to senior high. 

5. Do you have some tips to be fashionable in your way?
When it comes to style, you (really) gotta be yourself. Find something you are comfy with and go with it along the way.
6. Let me know your 5 fave stuffs, please

My fave stuffs would be shorts, bags, shoes, jackets, and hats.
7. If you have only 5 minutes to get in style, what will you rapidly pick?
5 minutes to get in style? I will simply take shorts, tees, cool caps, and watch.


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