Fashion Trial: Go Green!


This is my other post on Fashion Trial. In this volume, I am going to show you guys my favorite jacket. The jacket has a cute layer detail that I cannot resist hahaha.

The details: good layers and cute buttons right here! Love Love Love!

Oh, the color. The kind of green which looks pretty good when I set it up with white tee inside just keeps my mind on it.

Another way to use this jacket. Simple yet I still love this look :-)

Some of my friend said that this jacket is a total cute and some guess where I bought it.

Should I say this? I bought this at a vintage (or thrift?) store. Now I have admitted my hobby: shop at a vintage and thrift store, and..... flea market! You will not know what you're gonna see there.

Let me see your style! contact me through @justianedwin or

Love, Baby J.     

P.S: Special thanks to @monnafathia who tool all of the pictures shown above.


  1. I love your jacket, you look great!

    Stop by to say hi on my blog :)


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