4 Blogs for Your (Daily) Grooming Inspiration

Hi babies! Now I'm back with a very good mood.

In this post, you are going to find some blogs which you can take their stylish captures as your daily inspiration. Most of blogs I am going to show you are street style, but don't worry, not all of them are messy-and-preppy look.

What I'm looking for when it comes to fashion blog is their blog's character. I found so many blogs which show great, great pictures and these are my top lists. Done executing small research, let's just begin to see them one by one!

1.) Streetpeeper

One thing that is very interesting about the blog is that this blog is showing street style, like, around the globe! Really, you'll find classified fashion capitals in the world, from Jakarta to Tokya, from Milan to Sydney. You can compare the typical of street styler from city to city in the world. My fave(s) are New York, Seoul, Tokyo, and Shanghai street style!

Above all, you can see how street style should be; free, urban, and of course, stylish!

2.) Fashion Diplomacy

Made by Jan, a blogger from LA. He shows us so many classy looks (blazers, ties), but it doesn't kill the 'street' feeling. The author captured those classy-looks content mainly in LA and Southeast Asia.

On of the latest look from fashiondiplomacy.com

3.) The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist gives us a good thing about certain place in certain countries. It is not classified based on where the author took the pics like what Streetpeeper did. It is like a surprise, you don't know the latest pic taken from until you see it.

Gianyar, Bali

Bergongone, Paris

4.) Men In This Town

This site captures what people are wearing in the town. The first time I looked at this site, I found it so cool because the author captures stylish people spontaneously. The pictures are not classified based on categories, so you will see many stylish pictures once you click the site!

Look at the pics below! Aren't they taken spontaneously?

Well, those above are my top 4 street style fashion references. I'm so gonna update this post and give you some more blogs to see.

Happy blog-walking everyone!

Love, Baby J


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