Brand New Life is NOT a dream. Work it out!

You know how it feels when you lose someone (or something) in your life? An important thing. Someone important.

The whole world stops, the time closes its door. We were born alone, then we find a thing which we live the most, someone who we proud of by having them, and they go somewhere we don't know. They go back to the universe, to the undescribable place.

Heaven? I don't know.

All I know is, we will find no chance to turn back the time, for it has flown. It has evaporated. No turning back.

We cry and we wake up. We stand and we grow up. We run and we end up with happiness.

Deal? :-)


  1. But I believe soul is immortal even though the body died. I'm so happy when what I've thought written by a German writer, David Mitchell and filmed. It's Cloud Atlas.

  2. Yes. Soul is immortal, eternal, because the universe keeps it alive. What I thought when I write this was that we are living in a crowded world. With them who had passed and are still breathing.


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