Mediocrity and Labeling: People's Old Mind.

Someone posted a Gossip Girl quotation to twitter couple days ago.

“You are nobody until you are talked about.”

More or less, this quote is related to a lesson I learned today, conformity. Conformity is an effort of a person that tries to act normally in which some norms are applied. Simply by being a follower. Why follower? Because one of the reasons which cause someone stays in the stream of conformity is based on a fear to be different from common people on society --mainstream. 

This is not good, at least, for my own critical thinking. We’re living, standing, even competing in the same world, so why should we think and do the same thing in every single moment we live? Get a life. Since we were born with different DNAs, different chromosomes and different orientations, conformity only gives such limited access to be bold and outstanding. 

I totally second the quote I mentioned above. The quote sounds like a command, a direct command, for conservative thoughts to be broken, and re-born with some revolutionary ideas and thoughts. If I am allowed to give an example of this case, I will give example that straightly shows real fact about this matter. It is like the old viewpoint of role between men and women. 

To be honest, I am really disappointed by thoughts that been an issue lately. There are many limitations that stratify people’s act. Take a look into the fashion industry. People’s paradigm easily judge things they don’t really know. You can call it with epic snob. For instance, Identifying men fashion designer with gay or homosexual label. It’s unfair, I guess. Even he’s truly a gay, what’s the problem actually? People have been sick and busy to be such busy bodies. The only thing that should be thought is he has done something for a better life and the better creative economy sector in this developing (we wish this is true) country. And he’s been somebody, because he’s been a topic area to be talked

Lady Gaga wearing dress made by Indonesian designer, Tex Saverio. Source:

 Second example is about the androgynous issue. It's  been so hot recently. Many conservatives look down to those androgynous people. Why? Unless you live in heaven, better save the words for God. Underestimating others is only degrading value of human rights. If you believe in God, should be perceived that every single thing in this earth was made for a reason. If you don't believe in God, just pay attention to human right matter. they are definitely doing better than obnoxiously talking about others' effort to live.

Darell Ferhostan, the first ever Indonesian Androgynous Model. Source:

 Back to the conformity, I don’t try to break what experts said, but this is a really interesting topic to discuss. Be different, bold, or outstanding in a good way is never wrong. I know it takes time to change but this is the time to start some ways to open our mind, that diversity will always exist and unity in diversity is even better than being a mediocre. If we can earn more, why stand for the old way of thinking?
Fahrani Empel, Indonesian model whose style is out of the box. Go to for more!


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