Running the fashion line after graduated from a fashion school in Indonesia, Anaz Khairunnas pampers fashion people with his ultra-feminine gowns. Now he becomes celebrity darling. How do you deny his beautiful bodicon, mermaid dresses? I can see his bright future, as he always makes Zuhair Murad-ish couture-worthy gowns. 

Speaking about his client, never think he merely gets Indonesian celebrities. He is the official evening gown designer of Miss Indonesia Universe for the past 2 years (Whulandary and Elvira Devinamira). The other international clients are the phenomenal Mel B from Spice Girls and Anastagia Pierre, Miss Universe Bahamas! 




What drove you to choose fashion as your career? 

I grew up in a batik craftsmen kind of family, so I didn’t feel strange when I stepped my feet into design world. I always paid attention to my dad’s hard-working personality, which Influences his work in designing a new batik motives. Those are some of things that drove me to get in to fashion.

   How and when did you start your path to become a designer and how it went, easy-smooth or rocky mountain kinda way?

I started my career back in 2010, after doing internship in some senior designers. There was nothing too hard that I can say it as a boundary, but the challenge was when I did all of the things alone from sewing to finishing until finally get people who currently work for me. Now I can call them a team.

  Do you have any sentimental background behind your preference in Indonesian tarditional fabric? If so, please tell me the story.

Indonesia is very rich in traditional fabrics, something that is intriguing me. My vision is to make Indonesian traditional fabric into modern fashion, sometimes couture.
    So far, what is your biggest inspiration in terms of designing?

My biggest inspiration is women bodies silhouette. They are always in my mind when I tried to draw a sketch, as it will be implemented in each pieces.
    Speaking about industry, you grow rapidly, looks like you don't have any boundary. Do you have certain business strategy? Like, a good PR and marketing etc etc?

So far, I don’t use advanced PR and marketing. I only use social medias to promote my brand worldwide. Keep in touch with him!

I guess you are an expert in pageantry. Who is your all-time fave Miss Universe? Does she give you such an inspiration in designing pageantry gowns?

Yes, I love pageant. My favorite Miss Universe is Amelia Vega. She is incredible, glamorous, and also has perfect body. She inspired me a lot in designing.

AND, here are some of his new collections:

Source: @anazofficial
Source: @anazofficial

Source: @anazofficial

Get in touch with him through his instagram account @anazofficial and don't forget to stay tuned in my instagram feed @justianedwin X


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