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Do you still remember what I did say to you that I just became a fashion PR? Well, now I will reveal what I really did in past few months. Okay, I think I'm obliged to tell you that this is going to be a (little bit) long post because it was pretty much going on in my life, including a broken heart phase. No no no but that is not my focus on this post. Hei I am so excited to tell you like everything, every single thing I did.

In one night, a message came out on my phone. It was from @ndigun, a friend of mine and he asked me some things about Dian Pelangi, an aspiring Indonesian modest fashion designer. I just told him what I knew about her. I told him that Dian Pelangi is a (very) well-known Indonesian modest fashion designer. Her work is like everywhere, for she had showcased her collections overseas; around Europe, Abu Dhabi, and Australia, to name a few. I also mentioned that she uses a whole Indonesian fabric; songket and jumputan (Indonesian tye-dye), to be implemented through her design. Okay, not to mention that she is a fashion blogger, too. You can check Dian's blog here.

Dian Pelangi showcased her collection in London Haute Arabia on February 2014


To shorten the story, let's jump to the core. Dian's assistant, Riri, arranged a meeting which includes me, @ndigun, Dian Pelangi's business developent, and of course, Dian herself. The first time I saw her was a bit starstrucked because she is a total humble fashion star. And it was very beneficial to me, as it helps me to adjust myself in that meeting. We had a good convo that I didn't realize that it was my interview session (meh -.-). At the end of the meeting, I was asked when I can start to be her PR. Shees that Q was a big shock for me and that is the time I realized that it was AN interview.


I did not know what's best word to describe my first day as a fashion PR. It was amazing. I did not have any training session, and I just, started rightaway. There was a head of PR, we (Dian's team) often call her Mbak Endang. I got a lot of things to learn from her. She is nice and talkactive and it makes me easy to know how the team works. It went so well.

Me wearing Dian Pelangi's Collection.

A-GANGBANG @zhaftsany and @yoskhadrian


My first project as Dian's PR was a totally big and new for me. It was conducting her event in NY and DC Fashion Week. IT WAS MAJOR! I shouldered like a very big burden, but it is fun. I didn't know whether or not I did my job well. Hopefully nobody's hurt by some of my faults (Duh).

What I did was having a virtual meeting with organizers. Yes, virtual meetings, since I communicate with some people abroad. And this is the hardest part; pitching media. I had no idea how people in the states think about modest fashion. It was quite tricky for me to pitch because somehow their blog contents don't match with the company's vision. The medias (and bloggers) seem so free and pretty much exploring fashion. You know, it was kind of different style with what we have here in Indonesia. But I was so lucky that I finally got some modest fashion bloggers from the states. And they are cooperative and not so hard to approach.

Within that office hour, I got a lot of chance to meet prominent people in the fashion world. I never even imagine in my life that I will meet VOGUE's stylist and photographer (yes, VOGUE! Gonna be updating soon about this). And it is like a very normal thing for me to meet Indonesian celebs and bloggers, as they come to Dian's boutique very often. Oh God, thanks for this chance.

Well, that's what I did in the past 2 months. Quite tiring but fun.

A little selfie with @amandcha and @yoskhadrian


It was Ramadhan, a month in which we do fasting and special religious rituals (like more praying). My mom started a convo by asking me whether I am sure to postpone my school for that PR job. She told me that she wants to see me soon in graduation day. And I was like didn't know what to do because I love this job yet I don't want to leave school as well (sigh). I contemplated my mom's words for two weeks, and finally I decided the thing: I should go back to school and postpone the job instead.

Again, I was so lucky that Dian and Mas Tito (Dian's husband and Dian Pelangi's business development) are not mad at all. They understood that it is kind of hard for me to choose.


Now, I am back to my previous nature: a freelancer! Hahaha. I am a freeman now, and working with youth, like I did for a long time before working as a PR.

Now I am a writing contributor on (wait for my writing pieces there! Hehe), and at the same time I am working as a web-database volunteer for PAMFLET.

So what do you think? Something wrong or right? Please buzz me anytime on And DO NOT FORGET to see my latest thoughts and pics on my social media channels @justianedwin. See you! X


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